Saturday , July 31 2021

This patent offers us new details about the supposed Motorola RAZR 2019 with a foldable screen

A few days ago The Wall Street Journal dropped the bomb to ensure that Lenovo was preparing the return of the legendary Motorola RAZRbut it will adapt to the new times to be a foldable smartphone, but it will support much of the design of this famous V3.

Following these first details, the 91Mobiles site today launched a patent filed by Lenovo with the World Intellectual Property Organization on December 17 that allows us to see for the first time what this new Motorola RAZR and that tells us what we can expect.

Iconic design adapted to the new times

This patent allows us to see several sketches from different angles, where the RAZR brand is not curious, but the design is easily recognizable. The first thing that stands out is that there will be one screen on the device that will replace the old keyboard, but most importantly it will be a collapsible panel that will close the phone to hide your screen,

We can also see this we'll have a second smaller screen outside, probably for notifications and some basic features. Similarly, we will have this chin back on the bottom, which will be thicker than the whole device, and will add some components and thus add no thickness to the rest of the phone.

Razr 2

Last month, during an interview, designer Paul Pierce, co-designer RAZR V3, mentions this he was able to resurrect the legendary Motorola phone, but it should not be done with tricks or advertising strategies, but rather to find a way to return as a breakthrough in innovation.

"I think people are worried and remember this RAZR, how it opened, how it sounds, and how it feels, where is it today? To experience some of it, but we have to do it in a way that fundamentally offers an incredible experience . "

According to WSJ, this Motorola RAZR 2019 He will arrive earlier than we expect, as everything points to a February release. Of course, we are going to talk about an exclusive device, approximately $ 1,500, and only about 200,000 units will be produced. In fact, it says it will not let the US be an exclusive Verizon operator.


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