Thursday , June 17 2021

This will be the smartphone of the future, according to Samsung

This will be the smartphone of the future, according to Samsung

Samsung there are sights set on Samsung Galaxy S10, which will be officially presented on February 20th an event together with the company's folding mobile phoneThe company also works on other projects such as the smallest high-resolution sensor in its history or in future smart devices.

In a blog post, the company explained how will the smartphones of the future be?, which are expected to include innovative features. Some predict that the era of smartphones may end, but the South Korean company says that with technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Enlarged Reality are rapidly growing, and consumers will soon be able to do even more with their smartphones.

Samsung believes the next smartphones will benefit from greater connectivity and mobile intelligenceIn addition to ownership an even larger screensomething that will be key to access future smartphone experiences. The company is beginning to explore ways to overcome the limitation of current screens, which can not be larger without compromising portability.

Foldable phones with larger screens

Samsung Galaxy A9, back in lemonade blue

Samsung is trying to solve the discrepancy between screen size and portability, to develop a new form factor. The company says that The Infinity Flex screen marked the beginning of this new chapter, although they assure her building a folding device was not a feat, Samsung needs seven years to refine the technology and offer significant experience.

They even confirm that the screen is collapsible requires full reconfiguration of the smartphone inside out. Samsung expects to see a radical change in the design and look of future smartphones by Samsung Roller and extender devices even smartphones, which can be folded in many ways. The aim of the company is to mark the beginning of this future and to create new experiences.

The arrival of the Infinity Flex screen is just the beginning, so Samsung says this they will continue to push the limits of opportunity shape the future as it unfolds. In a few months or years, we can see what future smartphones will be.

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