Friday , July 30 2021

Throne will foster institutional acceptance with CriptoNoticias on February 28th

TRON's block of chains will be branched on February 28, according to established founder of the project, Justin Sun, this Saturday through his account on the Twitter social network. With update 3.5, the team hopes to improve network performance and provide tools for potential institutional investors.

Tron (TRX) was established in 2017 and is one of the ten key ecosystem crypto lows. There are currently 66,682,072,191 TRX in circulation. With this new one update, it is expected to make improvements to the virtual machine of the network to help its work and offer better productivity to attract new investors, especially at the institutional level.

Among the new features, TRON will include custody tools, support for multiple signature pockets (multi-SIG) as well as business account management elements (Account Managers), real-time network performance power and application event server, and security enhancements for the virtual machine on the network.

According to Sun, some potential investors such as hedge funds, traditional investors and financial institutions have reported interest in the emergence of these features in TRON, so version 3.5 will focus on attracting this capital. However, there is no more detail about the technical progress of the network with this split.

Sun's message generates speculation from users on social networks like Reddit who, although they do not know exactly how the 3.5 network update will be improved, are enthusiastic about the split because the team behind Tron Development would have met in the past with the dates set for improvement:

This is a great update, the features that Justin will be added to are very important and give the exact date for the update, it does not say "in the near future." The Throne is constantly moving and I am still impressed by Justin and Tron's ability to meet the deadlines and dates of a milestone.

Blessed, Reddit user

It should be noted that the TRON fork will coincide with the one that will pass through the Ethereum block, which is also scheduled for February 28, after its second postponement.

At the time of writing, each TRX has a price of $ 0.024203, down 0.61% from yesterday. In the last 24 hours, the exchange volume was 214,000,978 dollars and the main stock markets of this cryptoactive are OKEx, Binance and Huobi. The highest currency pair in the three exchanges is TRX / USDT.

TRON has made tremendous success recently with BitTorrent's purchase and initial offering of currency (ICO), thanks to which the company raised $ 7.2 million and achieved a 133% increase in its BTT marker created on the TRX block.

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