Sunday , November 29 2020

Tim Theboe launches his first coach AL BAT

Tim Tebow dug his first coach into the shallows

Tim Tebow dug his first coach into the shallows

| AP

At these times, Tim Teboe does not play well in the leagues after being promoted by the New York Mets to Troika A in the hope that he could make the last step to reach the big leagues. His season, however, is not good, and maybe this event that happened is the perfect summary of this Teboean campaign.

In the last match of the Triple A of the New York Mets, Thebo was the first. By then everything was fine, but when the former NFL wanted to step back, he did not realize that his first coach was there and kicked him in his noble parts in front of the fans.

Maybe this action will not win many points in the near future, as the former NFL defender has an average of only .156 in 14 games with the Syracuse team at Triple A. He's not a hit homer, he has 7 hits in 45 innings hit 18 times.

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