Monday , July 26 2021

Two Chakao police escaped July 26 in Guarico


Two officers from the Chacao police, Fred Maavres and Reggie Jackson Andrade, escaped on July 26, Guarico State, last weekend.

It became clear that both former employees are already outside the country and it is not known how they managed to leave the prison where they were held for two years, although there is a release card.

On July 11, police officers were transferred to prison July 26, after more than 300 political prisoners they will start a rebellion at the headquarters of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (Sebin) in El Helioc for better conditions and release of the detainees who are ordered to release them.

It has to be remembered that this rebellion came to recognized politicians as well Daniel Chealos and General Ángel Vivas,

Fred Maavres and Reggie Andrey were Chakao police officers until 2016; this year they were arrested for the murder of journalist Richard Duran of Venezuelan de Television (VTV). However, his guilty for the crime has never been determined, nor that of the other 12 employees.

Judge Luiza Andreyane Romero Campo published 14 tickets for release on 8 August 2016 for police; 12 of them remained, with the exception of Mavares and Andrey, who were imprisoned at Helicoida's headquarters and later transferred on July 26th.

(With information from El Pitazo)

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