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Two Zulianos between arrested by march yesterday, according to the criminal forum

February 13, 2019 – 11:21

Gonzalo Chimobo, Director of Criminal Forum Venezuela (FPV), proposed a balance of detainees during the mobilization on Tuesday, summoned by the President of the National Assembly (AN), who swore in p. where two Zuliano stands out.

Chemim explained that until 15:50 last Tuesday there were five in total held in the country for protests of the day, three of which were in Lara and two in Zulia.

Two of the detained in Lara are released without a presentation and one is due to be presented. The FPV director said the detainees were responsible for trucks with sound.

"The Balance of the Criminal Forum by 15:50 pm A total of 5 arrests in the context of demonstrations today, 3 in Lara (2 are released without a performance, 1 are due to be presented) and 2 in Zulia, both of which are yet to be presented. were responsible for the sound trucks, he told Twitter.

989 political prisoners in the country

"We have never reached these extremes," the director of the Criminal Forum complained after learning that there were 989 political prisoners in the country – 33 people were released from the last list and 56 were enrolled. In addition, he added that 7820 people were subjected to criminal proceedings for political reasons under limited freedom measures (precautionary measures) on the territory of the country.

He also explained that eight registered political prisoners (989) belonged to local peoples. "They are from the ethnic groups Baré, Jivi, Puinave, Yekuana and Piaroa," he added.

OAS Certification

US Secretary of State Luis Almagro endorsed the list of political prisoners presented by the Criminal Forum and Human Rights.

"We certify the list of Venezuelan political prisoners at the criminal forum #OEAconVzla," the head of OAS admitted.

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