Tuesday , June 15 2021

Users were deceived by a phishing attack against Localbitcoins | CriptoNoticias

Cybercriminals managed to cheat a group of users through a phishing attack on the P2P platform, Localbitcoins. The information was confirmed by the startup itself by posting on her account on Reddit's social network this Saturday, January 26th.

According to the statement "Unauthorized source" managed to gain access to user accounts and send transactionsAccording to some users of Reddit, criminals have stolen all the battleships from the victims.

"We've been able to identify the problem associated with a third-party software feature and stop the attack," explains the Localbitcoins publication. It also states that so far six affected users have confirmed, although they are still investigating the fact to determine the exact number of victims.

Redditor, who identified as bitcoinbabeau, explained that when entering the Localbitcoins forum, the attacker asked users to log in as if they were disrupted and redirect them to the phishing site. Once there, he asked them to enter their 2factor authentication codes (2FA) and continue to empty their accounts.

When you are warned, Localbitcoin interrupts outgoing transactions to deal with the case. In his statement, he clarified this, though they were reactivated and safe to enter, the platform forum will remain closed until further notice.

One of the victims posted in the red address the address of the stolen battlefields, which have so far recorded 5 incoming transactions during the attack. Operations are collected 7.95 BTC, which is just over $ 28,600 at the current priceHowever, it is likely that the attacker has used more than one address to send stolen funds, so this figure will not be final.

Localbitcoins does not reveal other technical details of the attack, but some users believe the attackers "used some sort of script to use the 2FA code introduced by the user to remove the bitcoin."

At the end of 2018, Electrum's bags also underwent a phishing attack. In this case, the attackers used an update update to access the victims' funds. He said the attack represent losses close to one million dollars in BTC for consumers.

One of the most commonly used phishing methods is DNS spelling. The best way to protect yourself from these types of attacks is to always check the URL of the page they're on to see if they're really official websites. It's also important to check the icon next to the URL, which allows you to check if the page has a secure link.

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