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Vargas Llosa wants to increase international pressure against Maduro

03 February, 2019, 07:50
Updated on February 3, 2019 08:39

The Peruvian Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa has called for doubling the international pressure on Nicholas Maduro, whose regime "feels pressed" and can "throw even more innocent blood," in an article published this Sunday The state,

"The beast that will die defends against teeth and nails, and there is no doubt that the regime, now that it feels pressed and felt ending, can cause much pain and spill even more innocent blood," warned Vargas Llosa in your article.

"It is therefore essential that states and international democratic institutions multiply the pressure on Maduro's government by extending the recognition of the presidency of Juan Guido and the National Assembly," said the writer who described the government as a "totalitarian dictatorship."

Vargas Lochasa applauded that "the mobilization of the democratic world, starting from the western countries, is unprecedented," in recognition of Guaido as a temporary president, the United States and many other Latin American countries.

This Sunday, the ultimatum given to Maduro from France, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Portugal and the Netherlands, accepting "free elections" or otherwise recognizing Guaido.

"Things have gone too far and the first priority is now to conclude the Maduro dictatorship as soon as possible to call for free elections, and the Venezuelans can finally devote themselves to the restoration of their country," added the 82-year-old writer. years.

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