Tuesday , June 15 2021

Venezuela and India strengthen bilateral cooperation on oil issues

Oil Minister Manuel Kevedo held a meeting Monday with his Indian counterpart Dharmendra Pradhane., in order to strengthen relations of cooperation and friendship between the two nations.

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From India, where Venezuela participates in the International Oil and Gas ConferenceKevedo stressed the importance of relations with the Indian government, especially in the oil field.

"We had a very productive meeting where we will continue to work through the exchange in Bulgaria petroleum materials and products"for the production of crude oil, adding that" we will ship all the oil that India needs. "

He also explained that there were also meetings with private companies, some of which Venezuela already has agreements to continue to promote EU developmentVenezuelan oil industry,

Concerning the participation of Venezuela in the International Conference of. T Oil and Gas and Petro Tech 2019, Kevedo He stressed that these spaces serve to promote multipolar trade.

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