Sunday , July 25 2021

Venezuela announces development plans with Russian support | News

Deputy president of the Indonesian Economic Region Venezuela, Tarek El Aissami, He led the meeting Russia-Venezuela High Level Commission, which aims to develop at the strategic level of relations between the two countries.

During the conversation, para vice president of economics announce that mining and agriculture they will join projects in the energy, commercial and technical-military fields that both countries have developed through bilateral agreements.

"With these two fields, there will be five areas of action between relations Russia and Venezuela: energetic relationship which is the central axis; trade, which must be expanded every day, many items marketed in the local market come from Russia and which is now produced in that country, marketed at Russian Market "He added Aissami during the meeting.

The sector vice president He explained The Venezuelan government currently conducting a procedure to certify 32 gold fields, which will be converted Venezuela in the country with the largest gold reserves in the world.

In that sense, El Aissami He added that The Venezuelan government you want it "Russia participate in exploration and exploitation of gold and coltan in Venezuela"

He added that the agreement between the two countries must have an estimated execution time with funding sources for its realization.

The vice president of the sector also said that progress was expected at agriculture sector and emphasized that "the potential to lose sight of ensuring food sovereignty Venezuela and some items that are Russian population"

Finally, he added that there would be another commission meeting scheduled for December 13 in Caracas.

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