Monday , June 21 2021

Venezuela Dolartoday: knows the price of the dollar on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 | USD for Venezuelan Bolivarians Exchange rate Interbanex | Dollar Monitor Economy markets

on exchange rate in Venezuela opened Tuesday in the middle of the processions to be held in the country calling from both Juan Guido, interim president of Venezuela, and Nicholas Maduro,

on dollar on the parallel market today is 3,270.60 Venezuelan Bolivarians, according to the portal Dollar Today, with a decrease of 5 units, given that in the previous session the green note was quoted at 3,275.24 Bolivores with a green ticket.

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Guaidó, recognized by 50 countries as the interim president of Venezuela, will lead today, to its opponents, a march to ask the armed forces not to block the humanitarian aid coming from United States,

For his part, Maduro will campaign for young leftists against the "imperialist intervention" in Bolivar Square, the center of Caracas, where the government collects signatures in a denial of the US president Donald Trump,

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