Friday , July 30 2021

Was William Prince William not true?

The situation would be documented in an image

Prince William walked the rumors of alleged infidelity to his wife, Kate Middleton, and described the gossip asfalse and heavily harmful. "

A few weeks ago, a photo put Buckingham Palace in tension. Several media published an image that became viral within minutes on social networks and claimed it was supposed to be Prince William's infidelity,

The picture could see a man with a similar texture of the prince who took a woman from the waist. Soon the rumors of separation between Kate Middleton and Guillermo increased.

Tired of speculation, the prince calls the law firm Harbottle and Lewis to put an end to the problem and to sue those responsible for spreading rumors.

According to the law firm, "in addition to being fake and badly harmful, the publication of false privacy speculation for our clients also constitutes a violation of their privacy in accordance with Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights"

As they expand, the photo of the dispute is not up to date and belongs to a video posted by the pink news portal TMZ and the British Daily Mail in 2017.

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