Sunday , June 13 2021

You can not miss! What will happen to Karol D's tattoo if love is over? Here is the answer of Anuel AA (video)

Above all, we have to say that this is the most popular couple in the world of regeton at that moment, Anwell AA and Karol G, announced that this year they will tour together in the fantastic "Guilty Tour"To share unforgettable moments on the stage and to be able to fully enjoy more time as a couple, I kept reading that we have impossible details about these two lovers!

In case you do not know, the stars of the urban genre were more in love than ever when they asked him about the big tattoo that the Puerto Rican singer made on his back with the face of his beloved. They answered what would happen if they do their relationship or if love just ends.

– Nothing happened. If I put it there, it's about something, "he said. Anwell AAEven though the young Colombian answers: "People who are tattooed think that the body is like a newspaper, and if it is here (on the skin) it is because it is very important and tomorrow you can not regret something you want a lot. You must see their faces!

On the other hand, the translator of theShe wants to drink"A"Bubal– He said that Karol G She is the best friend she ever had, because she always shows her unconditional support. "He does so much for me that people do not even imagine," he admits. When asked about the publication made by his former partner and his mother's son, he simply stated that it was a fake account that he did not recognize the profile of the profile.

Finally, the artist referred to the situation in his native country, Puerto Ricowith regard to the wave of violence unfolded and admitted that although it is difficult to talk about it, he believes that people need to learn to change to be better people. "There are more families for every lost life," concludes the translator. Do not waste your time and watch the full note made by Univision's Elvision "El gordo y la flaca" program!

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