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You do not need a 7-day rest when taking birth control pills

For years, women who took birth control pills they were advised to take a seven day rest after three weeks of consumption. In the United Kingdom, however, this will change as the School of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH) updates its recommendations. For this institution There is no medical reason or benefit that prevents women from taking the pill continuously.

According to a study conducted between 2010 and 2012, more than a third of British women between 16 and 44 years of age used the pill. Most have taken 21 pills and seven placebo for bleeding and continued the cycle,

However, scientists have found that there is no benefit from this bleeding. Karin Oullivan, leader of FPA, a charity for sexual health in the UK, said: "You really do not need to take a break from the contraceptive pill to have bleeding. It does not hurt you do not take a continuous seven-day break or take contraceptive pills every day".

Gynecologists have a general consensus that there is no benefit at rest, but the recommendations on how to take the pills have not changed. According to information from IFLScience, One reason for adding a seven-day pause is for economic, political or even religious reasons from the 1960s when the pill came into the market.

What many women do not know is this the bleeding that happens when the pills are broken is not a menstruationThis is because you do not take pills, that is, the body stops taking the hormones. The main difference is that With receding bleeding, the endometrium is not well formedThis causes bleeding less than normal menstruation.

There may be benefits to taking the pill every day

Although nothing bad happens if you take a break, some women report the benefits of taking the pill every day. For example, it's better people suffering from endometriosis or dysmenorrhoea. Even those who suffer from lighter menstruation will never bleed at all.

A study in 2014 found that women who take the pill continuously there is less headache, less fatigue, menstrual pain and genital irritation of those who took the rest.

Even taking pills can continually improve your effectiveness as a contraceptive. If taken every day, the risks of pregnancy are reduced to zero, however, nine percent of women who took the rest had an unwanted pregnancy in the first year of use.

By taking shorter intervals, four days instead of seven, women can reduce the risk of pregnancyWomen who wish can continue to take the seven-day rest, but now have the opportunity to choose the best they see.

With info from IFLScience!

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