Thursday , June 17 2021

Zac Efron illuminates networks like Wolverine

We all know that Hugh Jackman has resigned to Wolverine after his death in Logan, and fans have been wondering who will be the next actor to play one of X-Men's most important mutants?

Through Twitter they began to spread the image of Zac Efron as a new Wolverine, something that surprised more than one.

Some days ago rumors sounded great about former Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, was the new Wolverine in the series or movies that Disney would do after confirming the purchase of FOX.

The American star is remembered for films like "High School Musical," 17 Again, "Bay Guardians," "My Grandfather is Dangerous," among other titles, is seen as James Logan, or better known as Wolverine.

The image became viral on social networks in just a few seconds, as Daniel Radcliffe went into a video where he claims to be a mutant in the next series.

But, obviously, all this will be a fan art, made by BossLogic, a designer who makes different images of Marvel's characters. However, the possibility remains open.

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