Thursday , July 29 2021

1 woman suspected of touching the thigh, the whole apartment roared socially

In the afternoon of April 25, the Facebook social network published a video with many pictures of an alleged female case in the HH1C building belonging to the Linh Dam apartment complex (Hoang Mai, Hanoi).

1 woman suspected of touching the thigh, the whole apartment roars - picture 1
It is said that the man (white shirt) has a touch of female thighs. Photo cut from clip

According to the video content, the security of the building requires a person to apologize to the woman in front of everyone and to say that this is a lesson for this man.

Shortly thereafter, the woman reported that at the time of the incident, the man was seated next to him and "acted on his thigh." Considering that this man is gloomy, the woman stands up, looks at the enemy for a long time, but there is no excuse.

Seeing this, the woman called her husband. At that moment the other stepped quickly to the elevator to climb up.

"I have to catch you and call the security guards to intervene and come back and talk to you," said the woman in the video.

Then the man had to touch the woman's thigh, hoping for sympathy, and said to the woman, "If you accidentally touch my thighs, I'm sorry." However, the couple did not accept the apology.

The video also shows that police officers in the ward, having received the news, were in place to resolve the incident.

Information with PLOHoang Liett's police officer said the department was clearly reflecting on the person who acted.

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