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3 young stars consume 122 million pounds-24h football

Thursday, February 14, 2019 00:15 (GMT + 7)

Barcelona had to borrow money from the US to prepare to buy 3 young stars at prices over £ 100m.

Barcelona has borrowed 122 million pounds from two US investment funds to prepare for the summer transfer period of 2019. According to El Pais (Spain), the investment fund, Pricoa Capital Group, has granted 78 loans to Barca. 9 million pounds and the Barings Group is 43.8 million. It is known that Barca will have to pay the debt within 5 years at an interest rate of 1.8% per year.

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De Jong – Jović – Mendi, 3 young stars from Barcelona want to buy

Although they spend £ 105m to buy Philip Kutinho and £ 92m to buy Usmane Dembele, Barcelona has not stopped the process of strength-building and promised to spend more in the summer of 2019 to renew the squad. brand of the club. Old Jordi Alba, Gerard Picket, Ivan Rakitic, Sergio Buscakes, Luis Suarez and long-time players at the club, it's time to have people ready to inherit them.

Barcelona finished the transfer of midfielder Franky De Jong in January, and De Jong will join Barca in the summer for £ 65.3 million. But Barca wants to get the defender on his left, Jordi Alba, to refrain from renewing his contract (summer 2020 expires) and especially the striker to prepare for Suarez's replacement.

The German press has rumored in the past two days that Barca wants to buy the striker Luca Jovic and it seems that Benfica's striker for Frankfurt will be Suarez's next season's successor. Jovic has scored 14 goals this season in the Bundesliga to take first place in the league, only 21 years and a bright future ahead, let alone about £ 35 million.

At the same time, the left back position is betting on Barca and has three players. According to Mundo Deportivo in Catalonia, these three players are Ferland Mendi of Lyon, Junior Firpo of Real Betis and Philippe Lewis of Atletico Madrid. Mendy is especially preferred by sports director Eric Abidal.

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