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40 years Battle to protect the northern border: Great memories

In the joyful atmosphere of welcoming the New Year of the Swine in the spring of 2019, we have the opportunity to visit Colonel Trie Van Dien in Tam Tan Ward, Lang Son City, Lang Son Province.


Colonel Trie Van Dien, Hero of the People's Armed Forces during the defense of the northern border. Photo:

After his congratulations on gratitude, listening and introduction, he said excitedly: It was on this occasion that 40 years ago, when he had just completed his training on the first mobile police company, the Province of Cao Lang Province, he was sent to protect the ethnic people in the Dong Dang and Lang Son areas. After the new year, the war broke out when he was still missing a week before he was 20 years old.

The terrible morning dawn was torn by the sound of the fireworks from 5 to 7 hours. After an hour of struggle, before the enemy's burning fire, all the forces of Trie Van Dien's soldiers were commanded to withdraw the temple from the temples. On the way to the withdrawal, the company helped nearly 500 people evacuated in the hidden cave.

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Vietnamese soldiers defeated the Chinese invasion of Lang Son in 1979. The documentary images of the People's Army newspaper.

Before the situation was surrounded and constantly attacked on the outside of the cave, there were soldiers of Trie Van Dien's soldiers who had fallen. On the night of February 17, Trie Van Dien and some secretly alive companions penetrated the city to get food and water in the cave to serve people. On February 18, the enemy continues to encircle. From the inside of the cave, choosing a favorable position, Trie Van Dien destroyed many enemies who tried to attack.

Meanwhile, the siege plan was located right in the cave. On the night of February 18, taking advantage of the cessation of enemy fire, the group of nearly 500 people quietly left the cave under the protection of the soldiers. Although there were old people and children, but the whole group had no sound of artillery shells, all the flames lay on the ground. Facing the ambush team, people were running ahead, the soldiers just retired and retired.

On February 19, the entire group ran to Khan Khe Bridge and arrived in Van Kuan late into the afternoon. The private trio Van Dien was sent to interview the reporter of the People's Army newspaper, he said, "I, a private trio van dien, a mobile police officer, from 17 to 22 February, 4 wounded soldiers and nearly 500 people left the siege to be in safety. Report everything. "

In 1980, the soldier Trie Van Dien was awarded the title Hero of the People's Armed Forces. After nearly 30 years of work in the public security sector, Colonel Trie Van Dien had the honor of receiving a Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister three times and was twice awarded a Certificate by the Minister of Public Security. In 2017 he retired.

In the course of his work, Mr Trie Van Dien is considered the terror of border criminals in the first phase of the opening. Not only good in professional, professional, many achievements in the fight against crime, he also learned a lot of experience, many valuable methods and theories to apply for training of cadres, police soldiers in the fight against crime.

Through the fierce war, Hero of the Armed Forces, Colonel Trie Van Dien said it was an angry anger that created the steel to win. Now that all four children have grown up, they always turn to their ex-comrades' families to support those in need, as well as traditional medicine to cure illnesses for people in the region.

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