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74 drunk girl 21 revealed the habit of "surprising love" – ​​young people

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 (GMT + 7)

The difference between 53-year-old couples is not such as to reduce their desire to be shoulder to shoulder but is more passionate than expected.

74 drunk girl 21 revealed the habit of

Milian Bogdanovic knew that his wife had married from an early age.

A couple of non-compliant English sticks recently joined the reality program called Parrows and revealed unexpected sexual habits. It is reported that Miliana Bogdanovic is only 21 years old, and her partner Miloico Bozic is 74 years old. Miloico Bozic has even known Miliana Bogdanovic since she was young.

Many curious people at the age of 74, Miloico Bozic, how to satisfy their girlfriend and the couple's relationship are as favorable as people think. Explaining this, Milliana said, "Of course we're having sex, why are not we? I really want to get pregnant and have a baby."

74 drunk girl 21 revealed the habit of

The couple is over 50 years old, but it is still very harmonious in it.

At the show, Miloico Bozic said, "We intend to embrace and love when we join this program as if we were at home. I really want to prove to everyone that this is true between Miloico and me, not as a joke, as everyone says .

As a man who survived his wife and father's grandfather Miloiko to two grandchildren, he also underwent heart surgery in December, but according to Milliana, this does not make her less attractive. ,

Evidence is that the couple has sex continuously during the week without the need to use energy boosters. Milliana said, "We have sex almost every day, I do not see anything strange about it, but since Mickan had a heart surgery, I have to stay and everything continues gently."

74 drunk girl 21 revealed the habit of

It is known that the couple will return home in the near future.

"You're like a young man when you talk about sex, you do not need medication. You say that, but I do not know much about young men because I'm always older men. . "

Milyana added that Miloica's appearance attracted her and her husband to one another: "I do not like young men, I like older men as older as they are," said the 21-year-old. trust it.

Meanwhile, Miloico passionately added: "I'm attracted to her kindness and beauty, someone who likes young people, of course she is sexy, knows how to make me fall in love and everything else.

Milliana told Mirror: "I like the sexual positions that dominate men, I like the feeling that I'm more valuable than I master."

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