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A woman grabbed the purse from the striker's hand in District 1

Sunday, January 27, 2019 (GMT + 7)

Cong grabbed the purse from the woman who stood in the driveway, but the victim took him back. On the way to the escape, this person was coordinated by Region 1 with a District 4 criminal.

The burglary incident happened this afternoon in Kau Ong Lan district, District 1 (HCMC).

1 woman grabbed the arm of the robber in District 1 - 1

Nguyen Minh Cong and the vehicle causing the crime at the investigating agency

The initial information, about 12 in the afternoon, is about to patrol and prevent the criminals in District 1 by scouting the District Police Criminal Police in District 1, discovering a young man driving a motor at sea The street has a suspicious look so quiet sticks.

Nguyen Tai Hok, the district of Kau Ong Lan, saw the booty that led the alley, holding the bag in his hand, and the young man approached and pulled the wallet of the victim's hand.

The woman quickly pulled herself back and the bandit thrust the throttle in the direction of the Ong Lan Bridge to the 4th district to escape. The two scouts immediately pursued. Knowing that the behavior is revealed, this young man is constantly zigzagging and hanging.

Wearing many roads, going to Hoang Dieu Street, Ward 8, District 4, scouting the District 1 Criminal Police Department in coordination with the Intelligence Section of Criminal Police Division 4 to sum up this youth.

At the police office in Ward 8, this four-person neighborhood claims Nguyen Mong Kong (33 years, Tan Hoa). Kon had a criminal record of theft.

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