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Accidentally giving antiphane gifts, turning into an anti-fang

If you've ever seen keyboard battles between the Kpop Fendom, you should be familiar with the words "karma." Since when has the "karma" been repeated so much? Please tell me and where there are keyboard characters who specialize in writing bad words about others on social networks where people mention two words "karma." But for idols, the antiphan is the biggest "karma", the "karma" that does not look far …

Go back to the main problem. Jennie on Black Pink after solo debut with the song "Solo" is also alone in the top rank of the most idiots of Kpop. No one is aware of Jenny's constant bond that makes black pink hesitation. Her antiphane grew as a sponge, thousands of ugly comments that fans read and wanted to hurt. Jennie and Black Pink lovers whispered in their stomach "and one day they had to cleanse their eyes" or wait until the day of "karma" to get back into the antipane and not know when to come.

Jenny and the headache in hypertension continued from 2018 to 2019.

Who expected it to come that fast. Even Jenny owns the story of whether to be sad or laugh. When Jenny was accidentally proven to be an antiphane, "karma" is real. Just persist that the anti-people go, you have to turn your head on the shore and love the people here.

The story is that … During the Indonesian concert on Jan. 20, Jenny saw a fan in a wheelchair jammed by other fans, she dropped the stud and asked the staff to give it to a fan.

Jenny (Black Pink) took off her hairstyle to give fans of the concert. (Source: Twitter).

Among the thousands of fans who attended the concert this day, even counting millions of other Blinks, she starved all her luck and received a phena from Jenny herself. come to me. In the video, Jenny was careful to remove the staffing pocket by pointing out to the staff that the fan he wanted to give was. Needless to say, Jenny's fan-love makes millions of fans feel warm and jealous.

Summary of the story of the lucky one: This friend was accidentally injured before the Black Pink concert, but since she did not want to miss the concert, she decided to go to the wheelchair. The happy fan stood there, very close to the stage, and Jenny often went to where he stood. Fans in the wheelchairs were pressed by other fans, so Jenny seemed to have seen him. And then Jenny put the beautiful hair on her head for this bad fan.

Jenny proved that anti-karma is real: unconsciously gives antiphane gifts, becoming his fanfare - picture 3.

Your story of the lucky one who gets Jenny's figure.

The rainbow that Jenny gives to her fans.

After reading the story, Black Pink fans failed to warm up to Jennie's beautiful action, discovering the fact that this fan is Jennie's "hard" anti-fang from 2012 …

Jenny proved that the anti-karma is real: unconsciously gives antiphan gifts to her fan - picture 5.

The owner of the lucky one comes from Jenny.

Black Pink fans, having learned about the oven who would know who this lucky fan was, would have realized that this was the anti-gang of the "hardworking" group 7 years ago. She wrote many bad words about Black Pink, especially for Jenny.

Jenny is the largest number, so please nobody dares to be second. Black pink fans are angry when the feelings of idols are put on, they never hit the antiphane. Along with that, it's hard to understand when this anti-phoenix is ​​so hearty that she can watch Black Pink perform concerts because she wants to "make a face"?

Either way, it makes Black Pink fans feel more and more loving about their idol …

Jenny proved that anti-karma is real: she unconsciously gives antiphane gifts, becoming a fan of her - picture 6.

The proof that the Black Pink fans have understood the "lucky" has turned out to be Jenny's …

Then, thanks to the beautiful act of Jenny, after all, the antiphan transforms into the OT4 Black Pink fan! Your explanation for the antifana has proved that the saying "karma anti" is real.

With Black Black's anger for you the best anti-fate of this land, after all, it's all clear, thanks to your explanation of a fan. The girl admitted that she hated Jenny "just for her face" and explained everything. Then apologize to Jenny and Black Pink, as well as fans of Black Pink. Then, from now on, Black Pink's phenomenon could have met yet another fan.

Listening to stories like jokes, the feeling of antiphanas in fans is real, ladies and gentlemen. Jenny's dramatic stories made us open a lot to Kpop.

Jenny's image brought her hair to the staff to send them to the fans.

An excerpt from your antiphane explanation has been turned into a fan as a fairy tale: "You're right. Maybe I do not deserve this fiber because of what I did in the past, like what she said in direct messages. But Jenny gave her her, and she changed her. That night I promised I would love her more (and the girls) and protect her. You have the right to give a personal opinion, but I will still love Jenny, Jessie, Lisa and Rose, one by one or as a group like BLACKPINK !!!

Everything happened with a reason. God allowed Jenny to see it because she wanted to change. Jenny could afford to change her mind about her. If she did not give it to me, I would still be a sour bastard and have not learned the lesson for myself. Thank God for this.

So let's say, let's get to know him carefully before someone is against someone, let's have some awkward day to turn people into fans. Just a little action that Jenny recorded many points in the eyes of many people. There must be a reason Jenny still loved by many people after a series of "helmets," right?

Source: FB, Twitter, Mandoo Jennie VN.

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