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An unexpected reason the center registers "fear" of a car accident inspection

Thursday, February 14, 2019 (GMT + 7)

The Vietnamese register states that, at the request of the authorities, the register must be involved in the inspection of accidents.

By the way, the reason why the center registers

A car accident incident in 2018 in Lam Dong is subject to a technical review

Autumn is not enough

The Department of Motor Vehicle Inspection of the Vietnam Register of the Department said that in the past dozens of car accidents causing serious traffic accidents, particularly serious, still have a registration limit for testing the technical safety of the centers. means of investigation. There are cases where the Registry directs the registration center to the settlement where the road traffic accidents occur, in coordination with the functional agencies for making the funds on demand. Accordingly, upon request by the authorities, the center will register to register a registered inspector to inspect and assess the quality of the vehicle.

"In the past, when most registry centers in the state, the incidental vehicle inspection was coordinated," helped ", but there were regulations on inspection costs. According to the current legislation of the Ministry of Finance, the maximum price to be paid to the registration center may not exceed 3 times the cost of the motor vehicle registration services. Payment and cost levels are decided by the registration center and coordinated with the relevant agencies, "said Ngo Hong, head of the Vehicle Inspection Department.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tap, director of the Phu Tho Registration Center at 19-01V, said the department has repeatedly sent registered inspectors to participate in the inspection of incidents. However, almost all of these estimates make units free of charge.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoi, Director of Registration Center 29-01S Hoa Binh said when a competent authority asked the unit to send people to inspect vehicles on the spot and the unit demanded a cost assessment. "Usually the police agency investigates accidents and attracts expertise and is the person who pays the cost of inspection. The maximum cost of the registration center has received no more than 3 times the price of the same vehicle registration service issued with a red invoice, "said Mr. Hoy.

However, according to Mr Hoi, the registration center often has to compensate for the losses due to an inspection carried out outside the registration unit (usually a means of temporary retention of vehicles) to send 2-3 costly inspectors. road, operating fees for inspectors.

"There are cases where the unit appoints 3 inspectors from the city. Hoa Binh participated in the inspection of vehicles with accidents in the Mai Chau region but collected only VND 500 000, doubling the cost of inspection services. In fact, this amount is not enough to organize means of transport, salaries, labor costs, "said Hoy, for example.

Understanding the Traffick reporter, the cost of low vehicle inspection is just one of the reasons why the registry is "afraid", so it tries to refuse to participate in the inspection of cars with accidents. "The results of the assessment are related to the prosecution of cases of road accidents, but the regulations are still incomplete, such as the provision of regular or high-level inspectors to participate in the assessment, to what extent the legal responsibility …", said a private registry.

An unexpected reason why the center registers

The light car that caused an incident in Khan Hoa in 2018 has received a technical review

Does the registration center refuse?

Representatives of a number of listing centers indicated that Circular No 238 of 11.11.2016 of the Ministry of Finance (applicable from January 1, 2017) sets the price for vehicle inspection. The cost of the inspection is divided into 11 groups, including: 4 groups of trucks, tractors (load bases), 4 groups of passenger vehicles (basic number of seats), and the rest are trailers, straw shirts, cars Motorcycle and tricycle are installed. Complies with 11 registration rates, from 100,000 to 560,000 VND / turnover. For example, cars for people under 10 seats cost VND 240,000 / turnover; trucks with a load capacity of 2 tons are VND 280,000 / turnover …

Mr. Ngo Hong, head of the Motor Vehicle Inspection Department, confirmed that there is a fact that the registry unit is trying to refuse to participate in the inspection but said that the registration centers, when receiving the request of the state agency body must to perform.

"The Motor Vehicle Inspection Service is a conditional business sphere, and the law provides that the Registration Unit is responsible for coordinating with the competent state agencies to carry out security tasks. Traffic safety, assessment of the technical condition and environmental protection of motor vehicles, "said Kuan and said he had received feedback from local authorities on vehicle registration in order to prevent the assessment of vehicles with an incident. "In the event that the registration center refuses to participate in the inspection of vehicles with an incident of functional agencies, the Registry will have a written request for application or action to be taken in accordance with the rules of specialized management," Mr Us adds.

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