Monday , June 21 2021

Ander Erera shared after losing PSG

There was an equalizer in the first half, but he collapsed in the second half, hearing Ander Herera after the last defeat of PSG.

Herrera threw the first goal

Play home with the support of tens of thousands of viewers, but Man United lost the PSG shock in a comprehensive and defenseless way. The 0-2 result almost ended the Red Devils' chances to move forward and players still try to understand what happened.

Spending on the loss, midfielder Ander Erera said: – The game is very tense until an angular stroke comes out. After the first goal everything changed completely. We lost control.

Ander Erera shared after losing the image of PSG

Herrera shared after losing PSG

The match could be closed with 0-0 draw if PSG does not take advantage of the possibility of a corner kick. Then they created a counter-attack because PSG had fast players. We had a big problem when we lost Martial and Lingard for injury, it was a pity.

Previously, the whole team pressed a lot of heat and did not let the PSG hold the ball. Anyway, we are still very optimistic after this game, we are building something really nice. Today's meeting is a very difficult night and what we face tomorrow.
We have to fight for the top 4 at the Premiership as well as the FA Cup " – Herrera said after losing PSG.

Herrera points to the reason why MU fails only at the angle of the image angle 2

Matching parameters MU 0-2 PSG


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