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Arbeloa: "I count every day until Messi retires"

The former real player wants big rivals to face shortcomings, even if they do not hate Barca.

"I respect Barca very much because they are a great team with a great player like Lionel Messi, who is very good, although I never wanted to watch him play football, I think I will never do it. retires for a long time and will count every day to wait until then, "said Alvaro Arbeloa. Mark,

Arbeloa is one of the first bricks in Gallery 2.0, which President Florentino Perez returned in the summer of 2009, the first season in his second term. The moment the former Spanish player arrived at Bernabeu, Barcelona dominated European football from the famous game of tekki.

Arbeloa (right) competes with Messi. Photo: Reuters.

Arbeloa (right) competes with Messi. photo: Reuters.

Arbeloa played a defender and often faced Messi in the games of El Clasico. He had seven years in the atmosphere of the super classic game before leaving Bernabé in the summer of 2016.

"I do not belong to the group that hates Barca, but I always want them to fail, because that's good for Real, and every real fan will feel the same way I want to lose in the Champions League because it will help Real. Arbeloa shared a kind of strong competitor on the next trip.

Although Arbeloa can no longer live in the atmosphere of El Classico, he still remembers the confrontation with Barca. "They are always a challenging opponent, this is a team that I always want to go out to win." I always feel nervous in the games of El Classico and I see that he is strangling Zinedine Zidane Luis Enrique.

Arbeloa's Real is in decline after three consecutive championships with Zidane. Many pillars of Bernabeu crucified to leave. The 36-year-old former defender said, "I admire the talent of Isko and I hope he will contribute to Real for many years."

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