Sunday , June 20 2021

Arsenal fans were crazy because Ozil was eliminated

Arsenal fans were crazy because Ozil was eliminated
Despite confirming that Ozzy was fully re-established, he was not on the move to send Arsenal to Belarus to attend the first round of the 16th Europa League meeting with BATE Borisov. Ozil was only on the bench before, but was not used to 1-3 losses from City, then was eliminated in the win against Huddersfield.
Indeed, the last time Ossil was present at Arsenal, he was from January. But now the German midfielder has not had any health problems but is still considered an extra person. This is clear evidence that the conflict between him and coach Emery is still great.

Through social networks, fans of Arsenal can not help, but are unhappy with Oezil. The fan said, "Is not Oesil there?" What's wrong, Emery? T

A more specific person: "So, nothing can do BHL Arsenal to solve the problem with Ozil-Emery?" This scene causes my heart to break, so especially when we do not have a better player than Ozil on the pitch " .

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