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Awarded with Medal, Will Anthony Martial Be Throwed?


Anthony Martial showed some impressions of training before the 2019/20 season. If coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer gives a chance for a minor blow, one does not know how the French player will sublimate.

In the middle position, a slaughterhouse is used

On the day Manchester United finalized a contract with Anthony Martial for a total of 58 million pounds (36 million at once), many were surprised. Somewhere there are criticisms and doubts about the Red Devils' righteousness in this deal.

At that time, not many people in England and around the world knew Boren when the attacker was born in 1995 only in potential form. In his first 7 games for Monaco before switching to MU in the 2015/16 season, he only scored 1 goal.

Awarded medalist, Anthony Martial will
Anthony Martial came to the MU with suspicion

But when he was new to MU, Martial immediately flashed. Playing for Juan Mata in his debut against Liverpool, the striker claimed a 3-1 victory over Liverpool with a typical finish similar to the idol Thierry Henry.

In the time of Louis van Gaal or Jose Mourinho, Marzial's famous position was on the left wing of the attack. The French boy still has some bright moments, but is generally unstable. Always a sluggish image, without the mutation in which Martial, who had time, almost completely abandoned Mourinho's team.

In the corner of the field, Boyen will get the mediator position, Boyne will
He was often disappointed by the time you left

Coming to power, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer tries to harness Marcial's potential. In the warm-up matches for the new 2019/20 season, the Norway coach arranged for the students to be 24 in December in the middle of the position.

This speaks of the use of Solskjaer in the future. The second half of last season, instead of Romelu Lukaku, Salsa believed Marcus Rushford in the role of "No. 9". Captain MU was awarded the 21-year-old with impressive performances in late 2018, early 2019.

Rushford's performance declined with MU's overall decline at the end of the 2018/19 season. However, everything is enough to see Mourinho lose his winged talents. The five-year contract for Rushford and the indifference to the future Lukaku showed Solskjaer's faith in adults at MU Academy.

Martial scored for MU
Slaughter shows the effectiveness of playing medals in the past

Promising signs

The fact that Solskjaer was constantly staging combat kicks before the start of the season had many goals. First, the 46-year-old coach wants to explore the potential of his students. He further wanted to find more solutions to the role of Number 9 in the context of Lukaku being very close to the door to leave Old Trafford.

In both things, Solskjaer can be satisfied. Martial has shown that he is still able to contribute to MU. On the other hand, the French player has a style that is consistent with the philosophy of the coach of Norway. Alexis Sanchez is another quality option, if at his peak.

Marsial and Rushford
The pair will replace the "Number 9" stone for MU next season

However, the Chilean player has lost his move to Manchester in early 2018. At the age of almost 31, Sanchez no longer maintains a good pace and often creates the feeling of wearing lead in his shoes every time he goes out. Slaughter feels soothing when kicking, both in speed, power and finish.

A combatant can be a substitute when Rushford is injured or stopped. Surely this would be a more similar plan than when Solskjaer had to switch between Rushford and Lukaku in different styles as a mediator.

Boen and Solskjaer
Solskjaer devotes a great deal of faith to Boehn

Boyne could also continue with Rushford on the MU team. They can swap places to create a surprise for the opponent. Under Solskjaer's hands, the idea of ​​Martial as a wasteful contract at MU may soon be rejected.

MU lost 50 million pounds this summer to have Aaron Wan-Bissaka right back. Therefore, £ 58 million (not paid enough) for a striker like Martial is not too expensive. If Solskjaer can use the full potential of a boy born in 1995, even MU has a deal.

Check out the Martial Maximum Bicycle on the Training Ground:

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