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Bayern Munich: Bitter defeat, leaving the 24-hour football head

Sunday, February 3, 2019 at 00:05 (GMT + 7)

(Video Football, Football Scores, Leverkusen – Bayern München, Bundesliga Round 20) Bayern Munich has a promising trip that is not easy to reach Leverkusen. Is it possible for Omar Gray to overcome the difficulties of leaving BayArena?

Bayern Munich tries to close the gap between 6 points and Dortmund's top team. However, the trip to BayArena of Bayer Leverkusen hosts promises to be difficult with "Gray Lobster" Bavaria. So, some pillars of defenders like Thiago, Robben, Ribery … could not play.

Leverkusen - Bayern Munich: Bitter defeat, leaving first place - 1

Bayern (white shirt) had a tough time against Leverkusen

Game 1 saw the breathtaking pressure Bayern Munich created. And the results for the team coach Niko Kovac, this is the result of the opening, even the host of the hosts in the first half, but only 41 minutes Goretka on a rocky day changes Tiago, only Can bring the goal for Omar gray.

But the situation was completely reversed in the second half, and Leverkusen played a huge fight. In 53 minutes, Bailley started climbing up the ladder of BayArena with an equalizer. Just 10 minutes later, Kevin Wolland put Leverkusen ahead. And by the 87th minute Alario finished all hopes for a "gray" point with a 3-1 win. With this defeat Bayern is in danger of winning the difference in the result of Dortmund.

Final result: Leverkusen 3: 1 Bayern München (H1: 0-1)


Leverkusen: Bailley 53 & # 39 ;, Volland 63 & # 39 ;, Alario 87 & amp;

Bayern München: Goretzka 41 & # 39;

Competition Team

Leverkusen: Hradets, Bender, Weiser, Wendel, Tah, Arangis, Belarabe, Haverz, Volan, Brand, Bailey

Bayern München: Ulrich, Raffinia, Hummel, Sulle, Alabama, Kimmi, Goretka, James Rodriguez, Coman, Muller, Lewandowski

Matching parameters



Bayern Munich

10 (4)

Shoot the target

17 (6)

Time to control the ball




Yellow card


Red card


Vietnamese flavor


Penalty in the corner

5 Save the lost 1
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In this game, 2 lucky ones and a superb hit were scored.

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