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The Vietnamese phone shocks the Asian Cup in 2019 through a convincing game that makes the big boys also admire their hats. And this is a continuation of the great success of Vietnamese football in 2018 with the Hang Seo Coaching Park.

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Asian U23, ASIAD 2018, AFF Cup 2018 and now Asian Cup 2019 – any big tournament ever is a Vietnamese football sign. The Red Shire Army under the Hang Seo coaching park is dedicated to the NHM not only with its hot heart and cold head but also with an extremely appropriate tactical system. And there the success of Vietnamese football on many levels is related to the commanding skills of Park Hang Seo coach.

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Coach park Hang Seo marked the sign of Vietnamese football

Looking at the way Master Park shines in Vietnamese football boots, Koreans are glad to return to this 60-year-old military leader. The Chosun newspaper, one of Korea's largest newspapers, revealed that people in the Kim Qi country enjoy the day the Hang Seo coaching park returns to their hometown, leading the Korean team.

The Hang Seo coaching park was very popular in Korea as a helper of the "Witch" Guus Hiddink. The great success of Korean football in the 2002 World Cup when it reached the semifinals of the 2002 World Cup was an important part of Mr Park's contribution as well as the members of the Korean Educational Foundation. Later, Mr Park's career has suffered many ups and downs, and has failed to achieve as much success as expected.

However, the success of Vietnamese football has brought the reputation of the Hang Seo coaching park. Reporter Yeom Bongjun of the Korean newspaper Chosun said: "The Koreans expect Mr Park to return to lead the national team. At that time, as shown by the Vietnamese team, Mr Park was capable and capable of repatriating to lead the Korean team.

Reporter Yom Bonjung added, "But I think that with the achievements I have made, I personally hope that Mr Park will continue to stick to Vietnamese football to help this national team gain new heights in the future, now ".

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The Koreans are bored with Paulo Bento

Right on December 21, 2018, Coach Park Hang Seo returned to Korea to receive the "Nature of the Year" award from the Korean Journalists' Association. "The Character of the Year" is a reward for honorable heroes who have achieved outstanding achievements deserving Korea's pride for a year.

This shows how great Master Park's reputation is in his hometown. Even coach Kim Do Hoon from Ulsan Hyundai's club – at a press conference before a friendly match with Vietnam U22, also said he was particularly committed to the admiration of Coach Park Seo – who wrote the miracle with Vietnamese football. after more than a year.

Yet, coach Paulo Bento, who is leading South Korea, was disappointed by the Asian Cup in 2019. Chosun pulled his title on his first page: "The Asian Cup quarter-finals, Paulo Bento quietly brought the returned bag instead of winning It seems that the Koreans are no longer interested in this Portuguese army, and they are really waiting for the day when Mr. Park returns, replacing Bento.

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