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Blast petards, put them in glass bottles and 5 drinkers are injured

Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 20:40 (GMT + 7)

Five people drank, one of them drew a household cannon into a glass bottle and burned it; causing injury to all 5 people.

Synthesis of the security situation in the province during the nine months of the Moon New Year (from the 28th year of the moon to the sixth of the Moonlight New Year), police in Bin Duong province said police, police and populated areas in the province are increasing patrols . destruction of many criminal, narcotic, economic and environmental bands aimed at investigating 11 cases, arresting 12 people.

In particular, before and during Tet, Binh Duong's police found and looked at 5 illicit patrons, three of whom were fire-fired.

In particular, on Jan. 29, in Hamlet 1, Hugh Hoa Municipality, Bau Bang district, playing around, T. Burns burned 1 cannon, thrown to his friend. The gun explodes, firing on this friend's eye, causing injuries.

On February 6, in the village of Ca Na, An Binh, Phu Giao district, a young man burned a petar, built near his face and lost his right finger, on February 6 (the second day of Lunar New Year).

More seriously, about 2:30 pm On February 10 (6th Lunar New Year), in the 3rd district, Din Hoa Ward, Chet Dow Mott City, 5 young people drinking together; One person in the group takes a cannon in a glass bottle and burns it. Fairy tales exploded, glass bottles were shot, injuring all 5 people.

5 victims, suspected of making pussies in the house

When people heard a strong explosion that took off from the roof, people checked again and found 5 people, including 4 students …

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