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Block C manager wants to become Van's teacher

From noon 14/7, Hoang Thi Thai Bao (former high school student at Phan Boi Chau high school, Nghe An) is constantly receiving a congratulatory phone call from relatives, teachers and friends to achieve the highest C class in the country. Exam for National High School. My philology is 9.25; Geography and history of each subject 9.75, total score 28.75.

Pretty confident of his result will be achieved, but since last night the whole family was still sitting at the computer to watch the score. After 3 o'clock there was no result, Bao had to fall asleep, and when he woke up at 6:00, the family embraced happily.

"I was surprised by the total score and position of the Prosecutor of Block B across the country, because at the end of the exam I only got 27.5 to 28. I thought the result was wrong, I used another computer and other access point to compare," said Bao .

Hoang Thi Thai Bao shoots photos during the high school graduation ceremony. Photo: NVCC

Hoang Thi Thai Bao shoots photos during the high school graduation ceremony. photo: nvcc

Inspired to study literature from a 6th grade teacher, Bao quietly spent a lot of time on the subject. From this day I dreamed of becoming a teacher of Van but I did not dare talk to anyone. While I was in 10th grade, I was investing in D1 (mathematics, literature, English), I realized that this was not my power, so I asked my parents for permission to move to Block C.

Transferring blocks later in comparison with friends, but the girls are not too much pressure. In addition to class-time learning as prescribed, Bao flexibly distributes graphics. Morning in the morning, studying literature, learning in the afternoon and learning at night; or there are days of only one item if you need it and get it …

Bao did not remember the machines in the books. With history when I complete a lesson, I try to remember what historical events are, how the story is to connect with the next lesson or the previous lesson to become a series of knowledge. Bao likes to watch documentaries about internal and world war.

With literature, students must read carefully the works and bricks for analysis. The inspirational way is to "think and write, and not to read".

Prior to the Gymnastics Exam, Nue Anne students bought and collected many books with a set of test questions to review. "Learning and practicing are in themselves more effective than studying the group, and when I do the lesson, I will compare the results, and if Van, I have to consult with the teacher," Bao said.

To ensure health, Nghe Schoolgirls spend a lot of time in relaxation and rest. There is talent for dancing and singing, so I often participate in musical performances at school. In the 11th grade, the student wins the first prize in female singles and female pairs in an urban competition.

"I still use social media to entertain and interact with friends, but I have to refrain from taking too long or influencing my research," Bao said. With the result I will be employed in Van's pedagogical field, Hanoi Pedagogical University.

Hoang Thi Thai Bao. Photo: NVCC.

Tai Bao is Deputy Secretary of the 12C1 Class of Phan Phan Chau School (Nghe An). photo: Nvcc.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong (mother) believed that Bao was the second daughter in the family with three sisters. From an early age, girls always show their kindness and curiosity, rarely when parents have to worry or push in training but always try to create comfort for their children.

"There are times when I see my children studying for many hours, saying or going for a walk to the park, breathing the air to let go of my eyes," Huong said.

Ms. Ngo Thi Thu Hien, Phan Boi Chau High School Class 12C1 teacher, commented that Bao was intelligent and talented, and in the 11th grade he won the prize of three excellent provincial-level students.

"As Deputy Secretary of the Class, Bao can create his own musical performances, joining many social activities, I was admitted to the party while I was in the 12th grade," said Hien.

Nghe Ministry of Education and Training said that the whole province has 33 children have earned 10 points of the National High School Exam 2019. The province also has 126 points of paralysis on many subjects in which mathematics 20 students; History 17; Chemistry 11; Born 8...

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