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Building cars to break glass, tracking each other in the bustle during the day

Wednesday, April 24, 2019 08:33 (GMT + 7)

After blocking the car with the help of a sword to break the car's glass, a group of thugs in Tan Hoa also stormed and fought a group of people in cars causing disturbance to the street.

On April 24, Lieutenant Colonel Le Hong Quang, Chief of the Thu Hoa District Police Department, Thanh Hoa province, said he was investigating and clarifying after receiving information about a bandit bandit blocking a car. Then there was a fight, an attack on each other, causing uncertainty in the area.

Cones of glass blocking cars break apart, tracking each other in the bustle of the day - 1

The image of a group of young people blocking cars that break through glass doors and then rush to fight each other in a chaotic way with a group of people in cars – Pictures cut from clips

Earlier in the social network, Facebook spread a video longer than 1 minute titled "Jiang Ho to Kill Terrible in the Thieu Hoa District."

According to the photograph of the recorded video there was a group of people sitting in the car suddenly caught by another group standing outside to stop the use of sticks, swords and slopes in the car glass.

Next is the scene of two groups of young people who rush into battle, hold knives to pursue another chaos, causing disturbances in the street. The incident stopped only when people carrying police uniforms appeared.

According to the survey, the persecution is being pursued between two groups of youngsters that happened on the afternoon of April 16 on National Highway 45, the stretch passing to the Che junction, Thieu Do municipality, Thieu Hoa district, Thanh Hoa province.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Le Hong Quang said the police are investigating the investigation, which has not yet ended, so they can not provide further information.

Jiang Ho opened fire, cut to one another, causing the death of one man, many injured

Authorities in the Bin Din province are taking the place to investigate the two groups of gypsy midnight shooting,

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