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Buy water and rape, robbery

Thursday, February 14, 2019 (GMT + 7)

At home, a young man wearing a medical mask, a motorcycle went into the shop to buy a cup of cold tea and asked to go to the toilet. While C. makes water, the object uses a small knife to control the conquest of a 16-year-old girl in the bedroom …

On February 12, in Duc Hue County Police, Colonel Pham Huu Chau, Deputy Director of Long An Provincial Police, awarded 10 million VND to Duc Hue District Police for his outstanding achievements in the investigation. a rapid violation of the rape case, pillaging property on Hamillet 6 on February 3 (29th New Year), My Quy Tay Municipality, Duc Hue County, Long Anh province.

With regard to this case, before 22:00 on 10 February, the subject of Dang Minh Khoi (22 years old living in Hamlet 4, My Thanh Bac municipality, Duc Hue District, Long An province) went to the agency of CSDT. District Police Duke Hue surrendered and acknowledged all his criminal acts.

According to the Investigation Agency, 3-2, Duc Hue, the district police received the news for the T.T.T.C. (16 years old, living in My Quy Tay, Duc Hue County) said that around 13:00 on the same day, C. is alone at home, there is a young man wearing a medical mask controlling the motorcycle Wave 110 to went inside. The shop buys a glass of cold tea and wants to go to the toilet.

While C. makes the water, the object uses a small knife to control it and pulls it into the bedroom, uses the C-string to get into the bed and make a sexual contact. The audience then robbed the 1-inch 18-pound bracelet, the 18K gold 0.25-inch gold ring and the C-mobile Oppo F3 then escaped.

After receiving the news, District Police of Duke Hue joined the Provincial Police Provincial Police to carry out field inspections, seizure traces of exhibits, and arrange investigations and investigations. Due to the seriousness of the case, District Police Duke Hue creates a special case that uses professional measures synchronously and concentrates its efforts to quickly find the subject of the project.

On the basis of the evidence and evidence gathered, under the harsh leadership of the Specialized Council, the Investigation Agency identified the suspect as Dang Min Hoy on February 9th. At that time Hoy escaped from the area, so Duke Hue's police propagated and influenced the family and relatives to mobilize soon to mobilize Hoy to receive a policy of leniency to the law.

It pretends that CS threatens robbing prostitutes

Lack of money to play, all 3 players figured ways to buy handcuffs 8 and criminal police belts for fraud, …

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