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Catch 2 more objects

Saturday, January 26, 2019 19:00 (GMT + 7)

In addition to pursuing 4 topics directly related to the case "The person suspected of having been sued by the group of debtors," the Tian Fong newspaper reported, Gia Lai Province police investigation agency began. Two more accused not to condemn criminals.

On January 26, Gia Lai Province police information said the department was pursuing the case filed in connection with the case of "The man suspected of being subjected to debt-related death." in group 14, Hoi-fu district (Playchuan city, Gia Lai).

Persons trained include Do Ngoc Lam (SN 1985, Group 6, Yen to Ward, Pleiku City), Dinh Van Phi (SN 1989, Group 1, Chi Lang Ward, Pleiku City), Lau Thai Bao Khoa (SN 1985, Hoi Thuong Ward, Pleiku City), Pham Van Thanh (SN 1983, Group 6, Yen to Ward, Pleiku City) for murder. In addition, the police department investigating the police of Gia Lai Province has filed a case against two defendants, Le Duc Huy (SN 1989, Group 7, Ia Kring Ward, Pleiku City), Chau Van Phong (SN 1992, Group 13, Division) , the city of Pleiku) for acts of non-financing of criminals.

According to the police of Gia Lai province, around 17:30 on January 9, 2019, the Do Ngoc Lam site invited Thai Bao Khoa, Pham Van Thanh, Chau Van Phong, Le Duc Huy and Dinh Van Phi to Le Dinh Huu Phuoc. (SN 1964, Group 14, Hoi Phu District, Pleiku Town, Gia Lai Province) to claim debt.

Up to Ngoc Lam controls the BKS 81C – 091.00 pickup truck transporting these items to Mr Phuoc's house. Here, Lam and Hoa hold every gun in their hands and want Mr. Fukuok to pay his debts. Hoa fired with a blow to threaten Mr. Fuck. Then Lam and Hoa used their hands with their fists kicking many people in the face and Mr. Fukuck and asked to write a note about the debt and put Foucao in a car with the whole group. When Mr Phuoc's family went to find him, he discovered that Phuoc was rescued in the general hospital of Gia Lai. Around 3:00 on 10/01/2019 Mr Le Dinh Huu Phuoc died.

The case with the man who was asked to hire a dead group: Capture another 2 - 1

From left to: Lam, Khoa, Phi, Thanh. Picture of Gia Lai Provincial Police

Following the crime, the Thai court, Fat Van Thanh, Le Duke Hui and Chau Van Fong, went to the police police department to acknowledge and acknowledge the crime. During the investigation, the Criminal Police Department confiscated two weapons (one military pistol, one rubber bullet) and five bullets used by the subjects to threaten Mr Phuoc.

The Gia Lai province has now issued a decision to arrest Do Ngoc Lam and Dinh Van Phi for murder and to continue investigating and explaining the related issues in order to deal with them in accordance with the provisions.

I'm stabbing a deadly knife in the middle of the day

While Mr T. is behind the southern bus station to work, he is suddenly struck by a knife object to collapse.

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