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Chi Pu was captured in South Korea by visiting a boyfriend in the same 16+ video –

Wednesday, February 13, 2011 14:30 (GMT + 7)

Even without shooting, the audience still finds that Chi Pu and Jin Yu Hung are together.

Since the hearing of a Korean friend, Jin Yu Hung, Chi Pu never talked about the relationship.

At the end of 2018, when he participated in a reality show in Korea, the actor chimp admitted that he fell in love with Chi Pu, but because of the geographical distance and the little time for each other, they decided to keep in touch. friendly relations.

Chi Pu was captured in South Korea to visit his friend & # 39; Close the bracket 16+ - 1

Jin Ju Hyung once admitted that he likes Chi Pu on Korean TV, but the singer is still silent.

Even so, the voice "Yesterday" was silent. She also surprised many viewers when she invited Jin Yu Hung to play the mistress at the 16+ MV "Invite Me In Your Heart", even topless to the Korean actors.

In the early days of Chinese New Year, Chi Pai's love story again drew much attention when many viewers discovered that the singer was in Korea. Even she wore a mask to cover her face when the double wool was telling her about her boyfriend at the airport.

In addition, when posting photos of Korean excursions on the personal page, although they do not take pictures together, the fans still find that the pair is together when they appear in the same place with the same space.

Chi Pu was found in Korea to visit his friend & # 39; close the video 16+ - 2

Chi Pu was caught appearing in the Korean airport with rumors about his boyfriend.

Chi Pu was found in Korea to visit his friend & # 39; close the video 16+ - 3

Even without taking pictures, fans still find that Chi Pu and Jin Yu Hung are together.

The last time Chu Pu publicly spoke of his rumors Jin Jie Hyung when the actor was awarded at the Asian Artists Award Ceremony in Korea.

At that time, the singer sent greetings to her "friend" and said: "I am very glad to hear that you have won the FOCUS Award at the prestigious awards ceremony last night.

Congratulations! I am very proud to have the opportunity to work with a talented Korean artist like you. You are on the right track, just keep going! I completely believe in you. "

Clip: Chi Pu takes off her bra to show her chest is controversial

Chi Pu continues to "storm" public opinion when he returns to the music scene with a courageous image.

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