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Clip: The 9th Lunar New Year, "Mrs. Fire" burned the company, workers scattered

Wednesday, February 13, 201 13:37 (GMT + 7)

Just returned to the company to work, a series of workers in a carpenter's office in Bin Duong had to flee, because the factory burned fiercely.

About 7:30 pm On Feb. 13 (New Year's Day 9), workers just returned to H.M.P. (Tan Dong Hip, Di En Town, Bin Duong) works, the factory suddenly kindled.

The fire exploded and quickly covered hundreds of square meters, causing workers to panic.

The Bing Duong Wood Industry Company burned up in the morning of the 9th New Year (source from Quoc Khanh)

The initial information, a fire comes from an electric shock in the area of ​​the spraying workshop.

The firefighting force in Di en mobilizes 9 fire trucks and dozens of officers and soldiers to control the fire.

Clip: 9th Lunar New Year, Mrs. Fire & # 34; Hot company, workers scattered - 1

Clip: 9th Lunar New Year, Mrs. Fire & # 34; hot company, scattered workers - 2

Firefighters and deserted scenes in the company

After more than an hour the fire was quenched, hundreds of square meters of the company's factory were burned, including many wooden articles and machines. Fires caused by fires are estimated at billions of VND.

The cause of the clothing company in Can Tho was discovered

According to the city police director in Canto, when the fire broke again, thanks to the mobilization of seven more ladders from the provinces of the Mekong Delta and …

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