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Cold people catastrophic accidents caused by drug "stick" drivers

Cold people with catastrophic incidents caused by drug drivers - 1
Road accidents are caused by container trucks in Long Anne

On January 2, the container truck carrying the BKS 62C-04348 was pulled by a trailer named number 62R-001.08 driven by driver Pham Thanh Hieu (SN 1987, resident in Thanh Duc, Ben Luc district) from Tian Zhang to Ho Chi Minh. Arriving at the Binh Nhut junction in Ben Lake, 21 motorcycles waited for the red light.

Road traffic accidents have caused 4 fatalities and 18 injuries. Immediately the authorities tested the container driver's driver who caused the catastrophic incident and identified a driver who had a positive effect.

Only 20 days later, in the afternoon of January 21, at km76 + 410, national road 5 (in the area of ​​Kim Luong District, Kim Tang District, Hai Duong), BCS 29C-71953 bumped into a group of people visiting a martyr cemetery . causing 7 deaths on the spot, 1 death from hospitalization and 8 injured.

Driver Luong Van Tam (28 years old, from Cao Bang) presented the police after the catastrophic incident of the THG. It is worth mentioning that the results of the rapid tests at the local medical facility show that the driver was positive for drugs.

The problem with "sticky" truck and container drivers is putting pressure on public opinion. The problem is not only determined by road accidents but also by unexpected checks of functional forces that detect many positive drug drivers while driving and transporting activities.

Cold people with catastrophic incidents caused by drug drivers - 2
Catastrophic case of TNG in Hai Duong afternoon 21/1

On the evening of January 21, the Ministry of Traffic Police, in coordination with the Center for Drug Inspection at the Academy of Criminal Sciences (Ministry of Public Security), checked drivers for trucks, containers and cars. Long on the Phap Van – Cau Gie (Hanoi) highway and found a pilot controlling narcotic container tractors.

In particular, the functional force halted and inspected the container carriers 60C-204.61, followed by the address 60R-013.46 of Thien Tuan Loc Co., Ltd. with the address of 30 Lot 9 – An Binh An Binh Residential Area-BH-DN due to financial driver Tran Van Tho (SN 1974, in Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province).

After checking the documents, the working group asked the Tho driver to check the alcohol content, but the driver Tho did not have the concentration of alcohol in breathing. However, the police demanded a drug test, as a result of which the driver's drug was positive for the drug.

Cold people with catastrophic accidents caused by

Phap Van – Cau Gie (Hanoi) Truck Traffic and Traffic Control Drug Function evening 21 January

In the middle of this week in Ho Chi Minh, Troung Tho Ward Police, Chet Duke, is cooperating with many related forces to continue administrative checks, rapid drug tests … for suspicious container drivers. use of drugs to enter ports in the area.

As noted, only more than 10 times to stop the drivers from driving containers, the functional forces found 4 cases of positive drug drivers. Even if there is a vehicle hired by two business owners to alternate, both will be found with drugs.

In particular, a 40-foot, 40-foot, tractor-loaded tractor uses three types of drugs at the same time, marijuana, narcotics, and synthetic drugs.

On Jan. 12 and January 13, the functional forces checked about 50 drivers driving containers in and from the harbor complexes in the Truong Thao district and found that 7 drivers were drug-positive.


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