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Cong Foon's football team revealed surprise-24 hours of football

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 00:05 (GMT + 7)

Nguyen Quang Hai becomes a very hot name in the Scouts. Many Asian teams, including South Korean and Japanese giants, are trying to hire the Vietnamese Gold Ball 2018.

Video of Queen Hai's performance in front of Japan

Nguyen Quang Hai spent a very long time with proud achievements. Since 2017 Quang Hai has impressed the U20 World Cup, which is a key factor for football in Vietnam for the first time in the World Cup tournament, even at the U20. In the tournament in Korea in 2017 Quang Hai also scored a success, although U20 Vietnam was eliminated from the group stage of the U20 World Cup.

Quang Hai fever in Japan and South Korea: Kong Fungong team revealed unexpectedly - 1

Quang Hai scored with Vietnamese football

But 2018 is the year Nguyen Quang Hai achieved the best in his play. At the age of 21, Hai Horse became a key factor in the year of Vietnam's football gold. From Asia U23, ASIAD 2018 to AFF Cup 2018, Quang Hai shines brilliantly. For the AFF 2018 Cup he was also selected as the best player in the tournament. As a result, he became one of the youngest Vietnamese golden balls in history.

And after the success of the Asian Cup 2019 there are many teams who want to hire Vietnam's talent No. 1. According to the report, there is a Thai team, a Malaysian giant, two Korean teams, a Japanese team, even a Spanish team and a Danish team wanting to have the service. Quang Hai.

In September 2018, the Yamaguchi Renofa Club of Japan formally sent to the Hanoi Club to offer the transfer of the Nguyen Quang Hai deal. Meanwhile, the J2 League team of Japan has asked to borrow or buy a young striker Nguyen Quang Hai of the Hanoi Club.

Quang Hye fired in Japan and South Korea: Horse Run team revealed unexpectedly - 2

Very large teams want Quang Hai

Not only Japan's Renof Yamaguchi, Quang Hai's talent has convinced both Kim To Hoon coaches from the Korean club Ulsan Hyundai. At the press conference before the friendly match between U22 Vietnam and the Ulsan Hyundai Club, this leader shared his desire to own Quang Hai in the team: "I will choose Quang Hai for my team, there is not much demand. killing like Quang Hye.

Ulsan Hyundai is a team with Korean traditions. Ulsan Hyundai twice won the K league and finished second in the second. In addition, this team has once been crowned for the AFC Champions League – the tournament is called the European Asian Cup in 2012.

And recently, the South Korean club Inch United attracted the attention of a revelation on Quang Hai. Seoul's Kim Chi sports newspaper revealed that Incheon initially attempted to get closer to the Vietnamese Golden Ball 2018. But this deal failed and Incheon went to Nguyen Cong Phuong. As we know, Cong Phuong ends the procedure before arriving in Incheon under the HAGL loan agreement.

Quang Hai fever in Japan and South Korea: Kong Fungong team revealed unexpectedly - 3

Will Quang Hai come to Spain?

According to the discovery, the Spanish club "Alayes" invited Quan Hai to come to the country to fight for the experience. This is a 10-day short-term training that takes place around April, and Quang Hai will be able to train with the whole Alaye team in 2-3 sessions and watch live matches between Alaye and Barcelona (or Real Madrid). at the Mendizorrotza stadium.

Quan Hai, Tian Duun struck the Asian Cup C1: How is the chance to fight with the former SAO MU?

With only one victory, Quang Hai and his team will have the opportunity to meet with the former club of the AAO MU.

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