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CSGT claims it doesn't & # 39; Accused of elbows: & # 39; I have no impact! & # 39; | Life

The police still insist on slippery roads, elbows

At 10.11, exchanged with Thanh NienSenior Lieutenant Colonel Huynh Du Phi Long, City Police Chief Qui Nhon (Binh Dinh) said that he had reported to Binh Dinh Province Public Security and published official information about incidents related to collisions between police and police. on Dien Hong Road (Quy Nhon City) at night 7.11 (Thanh Nien have information).

This is the case that several youth clips, posted on Facebook's social network have caused a furor over the past, including lieutenant Dinh Cong Hoang Linh (Quyen Police Department) fell while on duty.

CSGT clips & # 39; fall & # 39; spread on the internet

Lieutenant Colonel Huynh Du Phi Phi confirmed that at 7:11 at night on the Dien Hong road, there was a traffic accident between motorbikes 77L1-303.79 by Huynh Hiep Nguyen (35 years old, in the My Chau commune, Binh Dinh) controlled by 77L1 motorbikes -938.49 was controlled by 22-year-old Pham Thanh Tuan (22 years old) Pham Thanh Tuyen (22 years) and Pham Thanh Qua (21 years old, along with Canh Vinh commune, Van Canh district, Binh Dinh).

According to a report reported by Senior Lieutenant Phi Long: Receiving a report, City police Quy Nhon sent the NGN police officers in May and the QN City Police Department's accident handling team to a coordinated site. Field inspection, investigation clarified.

While working on the process of handling a traffic accident, Pham Thanh Tuya and Pham Thanh Qua went to the scene, used the camera by telephone, spoke loudly with the task force, causing insecurity. order in the area.

At this time, the team asked Qua and Tuyen to get out of the scene but the two did not obey the words, were defiant, forcing the team to enforce, pushing Qua and Tuyen out of the area.

CSGT claims it doesn't & # 39; Accused of elbows: & # 39; I have no impact! & # 39; - picture 1

Pham Thanh Qua was arrested after falling CSGT – PHOTOS FROM CLIP

Then Pham Thanh Qua shouted, "The police hit people." Taking advantage of the gap, Mr. Xuyen rode a 77L1-303.79 motorcycle leaving the scene.

When the work team prepared to place 77L1-938.49 motorbikes at the Quy Nhon, Tuyen and Qua lao city police stations, struggling with the forces on duty, asking not to save the motorbike but to find the 77L1 -303.79 cars on hand, while staff pushed hard on duty.

"The elbow movement on the clip is very clear but for him to fall or not is not a direct force from the elbow Qua. The elbow is rejected, Linh reacts again, so that the foot that is not steady on the slippery slope must fall. The fall or fall of Mr. Linh does not affect the handling of this incident , "Long said.

Lieutenant Dinh Cong Hoang Linh also said that in the process of handling the incident due to heavy rain, the slippery road was pushed back from Pham Thanh Qua's elbow, so he fell off the road. Lieutenant Linh also said that he himself did not "act", was not injured and after falling to continue handling the incident.

CSGT claims it doesn't & # 39; Accused of elbows: & # 39; I have no impact! & # 39; - picture 3

Qua said that Tuyen was beaten while holding a camera phone


& # 39; If CSGT doesn't fall right now, everything will be different & # 39;

Meanwhile, Mr Pham Thanh Qua said that he was very urgent because of how to deal with the police accident in Quy Nhon city police in this incident.

According to Qua, after a collision between 77L1-303.79 motorbikes and 77L1-938.49 motorbikes, two elderly men came to threaten the Qua group (including Tuan, Tuyen and Qua) and demand compensation of 100 million. However, when the police and traffic police returned to the motorcycle 77L1-303.79 and then placed the 77L1-938.49 motorcycle police headquarters.

"At that time, I was discouraged so I said why leave the car 77L1-303.79? CSGT replied that it was gone but here is a picture, the license plate to work later. After that, I just asked some CSGT where is your business card? Meanwhile, another man was close to me so I pushed him away. I asked for your signboard, while my hand stuck to the motorcycle 77L1-938.49, but the lieutenant fell and pointed at me and then the police stormed in and took me to the police station. "Qua remembered.

Qua said that CSGT itself fell, but I did not have an impact and if the traffic police did not fall at that time, things would be different, Qua would also not be arrested about rumors.

At present, the Police Quy Nhon is arranging to clarify the implementation of the process and attitudes of individuals assigned to handle this case and guard the motorbike from the scene (77L1 303.79), VND At the same time, documents about the investigation and handling of past accidents crossings and subjects relating to actions that prevent people from carrying out official duties are being compiled as specified.

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