Monday , July 26 2021

Deciding to return to the first position in Southeast Asia, Thailand "loved" Uruguay's path

According to Thai media, after the FAT failed to negotiate the recruitment of Sirisak European coaches and coaches. Yodyardthai will once again become the top priority for the coach of the national team of Thailand.

Even FAT will soon send an application to the Asian Football Federation (AFC)In particular "to sign long-term contracts with Sirisak Yodyardthai despite his failure to add qualified qualifications (Siam Sports).

Ly Since FAT creates all the conditions for Yodyard, it's because there's too little time to dial a new army while he's a man. Understand the capabilities of each player and promote their abilities, in addition to the "acceptable" performance of the Military Elephants after 5 games (2 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw).

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Another reason, this is the job This military leader invented a plan to build a new game for the Thai team. After returning from the Chinese tournament tournament in 2019, Coach Jodiyarhai revealed that he planted the thought of Father Tabaret coach after losing 0: 4 from Uruguay to the final.

"What Oscar Tabarets shared after this game always made me think during the return flight from China, he said that Thailand should find a way to play for itself, as Uruguay does." Unable to compare Thailand with Uruguay, the team won two world championships, but things need to be improved in the near future., Siam Sport cites Thailand coach.

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The Uruguay team, under the direction of Oscar Tabaret, is an extremely tough team that needs to be defeated. This is a sure way to play in front of the field, to pass the ball fast and counter-attack. The combination of South American football, mixed with the reality of European football, made Uruguay a candidate for the World Cup championship 2018.

In this world championship, Uruguay won absolutely 3 games from the group, without letting go to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Russia. Oscar Tabaret's teacher had to hand over the Portuguese type CR7 in the round of 16 teams and stopped in the quarterfinals before the championship was France.

Facing this move, NHM from Thailand expects the Yodyardthai coach to create a new and powerful way to play Uruguay to apply for the King's Cup 2019, the tournament featuring Vietnam and India. Grade and Curacao before qualifying for the 2022 World Cup qualifier.

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