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Determine the meteorological trend of the Ky Hoi Lunar 2019 New Year

Saturday, January 26, 2019 19:00 (GMT + 7)

Cold air can still appear and affect the weather in the northern and central area during the New Year's Eve at Ky Hoi Lunar 2019.

Identify the meteorological trend of Ky Hoi Lunar New Year 2019 - 1

Cold air can still appear and affect weather in the Northern and Central regions during the lunar New Year

Recently, Mr. Hoang Duke Quong, Director of the National Center for Hydrometeorological Forecasting, said that because of the Tet feast of Ky Hoi 2019 (9 days) so as to estimate the time for the whole Holiday from now on, it will be difficult.

"From January 29, on the 24th of the lunar calendar, we will start distributing the first Tet forecasting bulletin. Then update once a day to the last holiday. People have access to the Center's website to watch the weather, "Quong said.

Prior to the Moon New Year trend, Mr. Quong said that during this period, the average temperature in the North was higher than the average for many years. Cold air is likely to appear yet, but the impact is not so strong that it only causes cold weather and strong cold mountains.

Mr. Cuong also noted that the possibility of rain and spring rain during this time in the North and North Central Region.

The North and Central Central Region may have rain and cold in the North Central District of Vietnam during the arrival of cold air.

In the southern provinces the weather is good and local showers can appear. Before Tet can be hot, during and after the cold New Year.

Mr. Quong concluded that, in principle, the weather is very beneficial for the fun and spring activities of the people during the Moonlight New Year of the Moon New Year 2019. Few are the chances of dangerous meteorological events, apart from Influence of Cold Air.

Stunning cold on the top of Mau Son in fierce cold in the north

Temperatures dropped to a record -1.1 degrees Celsius, and Lang Son's peak froze white.

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