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Effect of Kong Fungong – 24-hour football

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 00:04 (GMT + 7)

Major interest in Southeast Asia came to the K-League due to the appearance of Cong Phuong in Incheon United shirt, although the striker after nearly a third of the season was still stunned.

For the second time, foreign players play football, Kong Fungong there is a lot of experience and glory that takes up more space. However, Germany's "chicken for pets" has not yet created much experience in a group that is not strong. Incheon United is currently at the bottom of the K-League, but can not deny that the Cong Phuong phenomenon has triggered memorable effects.

Effect of Cong Phuong! - 1

Cong Phuong in jersey color of Incheon Utd. Photo: ICO

For example, the K-League next season will increase the quota for Southeast Asian players thanks to the media's great attention Kong Fungong, Incheon United has become a familiar name for Vietnamese football fans through their online TV channels in every game. The visitors came to the stadium and Inchon's reputation went beyond Korea thanks to the good marketing of the image by Kong Fuong.

HA striker Gia Lai did not appear in the last 7 K-League, but all 90 minutes of zero draw between Incheon and Seoul were completely upgraded. Even Cong Phuong ran into the driver's case and just started training, it was also a topic to satisfy the curiosity and affection of many circles, which helped to increase the number of Incheon followers.

Cong Phuong will make even more effort to become a phenomenon, as South Korea's son Son Heung-min awarded Tottenham to the Premier League as a dream. However, it can not be denied that Cong Floon's "cover" is very desirable in Inchon.

With an uneven playing frequency, Kong Fungong has failed in his professional career, but he can not say that he has failed. Just the requirements of the K-League are tougher and much higher than the Asian football platforms. Cong Phuong's limitations through two coaches have clearly demonstrated, on a physical basis, the ability to challenge, coordinate, and finish gradually helping him overcome to adapt more in a high-level environment.

Therefore, there are many concerns that Cong Phuong lost interest in the national team is only worried about white teeth, because the ability to learn and improve the striker of Gia Lai is much better if playing in the V-League.

Inchehan is not stupid when signing a one-year contract with HA Gia Lai with a transfer fee of $ 150,000 and paying a monthly salary of $ 10,000.

Kong Fungong only unsuccessful if you have to sit on the bench and get bored to the extent that you are asking yourself whether to liquidate the contract in advance

Van Lam raised his hands, loving Swan Truong

Goalkeeper Dang Van Lam was the first name in the season 2019 to have a chance to go abroad to play football for his outstanding professional qualification. He has always held the main place in Muangthong for the ambitions of the Thai League and club continental races. Van Lamm's promotion is also clearer in the harsh soccer field in Thailand than the V-League.

Among the three Vietnamese players who export abroad this season, Siuan Truong seems to be the most cynical because of the possibility of not reaching high harmony in Buriram United. HA midfielder Gia Lai also had many options to express but Xuan Truong lost after the first two games of the season and sat tired. At that time only he could save me, not luck.

Seoul - Inchon United: Great effort, detention of Kong Fuong

Incheon has a valuable draw at Seoul in the game of Kong Fouon without playing.

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