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Electricity and gas prices still belong to the Secret Seal

The Ministry of Industry and Trade commented on the preparation of the State Secret List of Industry and Trade.

Explaining the need for a new list, the Ministry of Industry and Trade said in 2008 that the Prime Minister had issued Resolution 106 on the State Secret List of Absolute Confidentiality and Top Secret in Industry and Trade. The Ministry of Public Security issued a decision on the list of state secrets of confidential industry and trade. The above documents helped the Ministry of Industry and Trade to perform well the task of protecting state secrets in the industry.

However, after 10 years of implementation and enforcement, some categories of state secrets in the industry and trade sectors have changed, they need to be updated to be replaced in accordance with the law.

On the list provided by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, there are 13 classified data, documents and 30 information and documents on the classified list.

Electricity and Oil Prices: Money collection for the entire nation still has to be secret
The price of electricity will still be sealed before it is published.

In which he reports on business management and the plan for pricing and adjusting the prices of unpublished oil products; Unpublished plans to directly regulate the cost of electricity.

In a recent commentary, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) said it should not be included in the electricity price plan.

According to VCCI, electricity price plans are still considered confidential documents before they are announced. Typically, the increase in the price of electricity is widely announced at the moment when the decision to raise prices takes effect. This makes it hard for many electric consumers to plan their business and financial plans.

"The introduction of the price plan for the price of state goods in confidential information may stem from concerns about speculation and stockpiling before any price change. with electrical goods is almost impossible, "commented VCCI.

Therefore, VCCI proposes that electricity pricing plans be published at least 10 days prior to their issuance. Decisions to increase electricity prices are valid only after at least 15 days from the date of issue.

In the opinion paper, the Ministry of Industry and Trade also offered other information documents in the form of honey. For example, organizational plan, maneuvering, rotation and staff planning; no papers have been published for departmental leaders and equivalent or higher staffing planning papers, the process of appointing leading industry and trade officials. Conclusion on the assessment of civil service standards.

Files, documents for information about individuals and organizations (including foreign persons and organizations) showing indications of violation of the law on industry and trade are in the process of collecting, checking, checking and verifying the investigation and processing are not published in accordance with the law.

Documents, documents, information on inspecting and settling complaints and denouncing and combating corruption in the industry and commerce sector are under investigation, verification or conclusion but have not been published.

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