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Electronic goods and smuggling phones rushed to Hanoi-high-tech fashion

February 14, 2019 06:00 (GMT + 7)

Smuggled goods found in Hanoi are mostly high-tax items such as electronics, telephones, electronic components, household appliances, clothes …

According to information from the Steering Committee of 389 countries, Hanoi police assessments have shown that in 2018 the situation with smuggling, commercial frauds and the production and trade in counterfeit goods in Thanh Hoa Street continues to be complicated on all routes .

Electronic goods, contraband phones rushed to Hanoi - 1

There was a huge iPhone smuggling that was transferred from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: The Internet

In addition to smuggling in the form of "portable", non-quota routes, the entities also fully benefit from gaps in the management of temporary import, re-export or revolving invoices and vouchers to legitimize the person. smuggled goods.

Smuggled goods are mainly high-end goods such as electronics, telephones, electronic components, household appliances, clothes …

The case of smuggling the largest phone to thousands of vehicles was opened in early October 2018, and the functional force found 3 consignments of goods shipped to Noah Bay by VAK Co., Ltd. Declaring huge amounts of imported goods including 632 iPhone Xs Max, 335 iPhone Xs and 190 iPhone 7 Plus.

Faced with the above situation, in 2018 Hanoi City Police encouraged the fight against smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeiting by implementing measures to prevent and combat smuggling and fraud. trading at Noi Bai International Airport …

Urban police have appointed professional units to organize the implementation of the situation, mainly investigating, compiling a list, closely monitoring lines, groups, smuggling objects, commercial fraud space; warehouses, smuggling yards, counterfeit goods … from which to offer a plan to fight, eradicate spots, lines and groups of professional operations.

The results in 2018, police agencies prosecute criminal cases 90 cases, 113 accused; administrative processing 2,027 cases, 2,030 persons; revenues for the state budget of over VND 1,156 billion, the value of temporarily confiscated goods over 69 billion VND …

iPhone SE 2 highway video concept too beautiful, iFan stand in one place

According to the video concept, the iPhone SE 2 will have the same "jagged" and luxury glass back iPhone Xr.

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