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Emotional stories about two grandfathers sleeping for martyrs in Binh Dinh

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Every day, they quietly go to the graves of the martyrs, the worship of those who have noble services in the country to take care of incense, cleaning, cleaning. The work is alone, but they always feel warm.

Wanting to go to the cultural and curious area of ​​Pham Van Ba ​​(89 years old, in Tra Thun neighborhood, Moa Chau, Fu Mong District), he had to walk through a small red dirt road at the end of the village of Tra Thun.

The gate of the cultural area, which struck our eyes with the words: "The tree has its origin, the river has its source, people have to respect the ancestors." Mr. Ba told me that every morning he wakes up early to walk about 1 kilometer from his house to the cultural area created by himself to feel the smell of smoke, to clean up the ancestral resting place and soldiers with dignity to the earth. The country is brought by the search engine.

According to our observation, in the middle of a curious cultural space is a memorial tower. There are more than 30 tombs, there are mossy tombs of the famed ancestors, there are cement tombs of fallen heroes.

There are two wind tombs of martyrs and the other is the grave of those who contributed to the revolution. Passing through every grave, Uncle Ba explained to us the life of every person. Although his age was tall, his eyes were clear and his voice was clear, and he was a senior speaker.

"The process of finding the remains of the ancestors as well as the heroic martyrs gathered here is very difficult. There are people I find very fast, but there are people who are looking for months to get it back. Grandparents and ancestors of heroes and martyrs came here to reunite, then I still have to smoke every day, but every man has a place to feel grateful, "Ba explained.

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The corner of Ba's sons' godly culture.

Together with the worship of ancestors and grandparents, at the center of the cultural area, the synod, uncle Ba placed the altar of Uncle Ho and the thanks of the 18 king. On the left is the altar of the late Prime Minister Pham Van Dong. On the right is the altar of the late General Vo Nguyen Jap. "These are the people I admire, they can do utopian things, there are people who are worshiped all over the world, and I want the children and grandchildren to appreciate the gratitude of these great heroes." – said Mr. Ba.

In this cultural area, a modest area of ​​several tens of square meters, Mr. Ba has arranged the castles to summarize the biographies of the deceased and confrontation and rhetoric with emotions and send love. sympathy for children. "You go to many places, learning a lot of things in my life, something that interests me most is history, origin, values ​​of the national cultural elite, giving my whole life to education, I want This curious cultural area will be a model of moral education for pupils, "says Ba.

When he worked in the field of education, Mr. Ba had the idea to do something for his future children. But it was only in April 1998 that the new instrument began building a cultural area of ​​affiliated godliness. His monthly pension goes into this project. Only by 2015 he has just completed this culture of informal culture.

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Bai estimates Huang Wong's life in the cultural field as a synonym of piety.

2. Over the past 25 years, Nguyen Van Lieu (75 years old, in the Tay Phuong Danh area, Dam Da district, An Nhon) voluntarily took care of the tomb of the historic sites of the martyrs near the road. through the Dam Yes area. It is a mass grave, buried by 154 comrades and comrades.

Lieu said when he was 20, he wrote a volunteer application to join the 50th Battalion (the main unit of the Provincial Province of Binh Dinh) fighting in the area. Lieu's unit is repeatedly on his shoulder, beating himself side by side with Star of the Star of the 3rd Star, so Lee said clearly when he mentioned this collective grave.

Accordingly, on his way to the Bin Din province's liberation march, on his arrival in An Nhon on December 22, 1968, Battalion 6 (belonging to the 12th Regiment, the 3rd Golden Division Division) met enemy troops. Although the forces and firepower of the enemy were very strong, including 2 infantry regiments, 1 Tiger Regiment (Korea), 3 Battalion Puppets, but Battalions of the 6th Battalion still fought boldly, tough, destroying many tanks and helicopters , causing the enemy's heavy losses.

"The loss of too much has made the enemy crazy, blast, and large-scale bombing, on December 29, in the year of Mao Tang, the enemy ended up waving, 154 battalions of the 6th Battalion, including 151. In the northern provinces of Cao Bang, Lang Sin, Vin Fuk, Tan Hoa … and three village residents in Bin Din have died and the enemy has pressed the soldiers killed in the battle here, Lieu's voice is down.

After gaining independence, uniting the country, remember the merits of 154 martyrs; relatives and local people often come to this mass grave to burn incense for a monument. In 1993 the state invested in the repair of mass graves. Upon completion, Lieu will apply voluntarily for care.

"When I saw many cases of relatives of the martyrs, I needed 3-4 years to have a chance to finish and go north to visit. I stood by my side, I was a veteran, I also had to do something meaningful to get back thanks, work for fallen comrades and comrades so I voluntarily asked In 2003 the mass grave was recognized as a historical monument on a provincial level, in 2015 the tomb was renovated, renovated on a large scale and very spacious. Lewou asked.

Every day Lieu regularly comes here to clean memorial houses, water, cut, take care of decorative plants, clean tombstones, smoke incense, and light the lights at the university. There is one thing that feels happy that his wife and children support and are proud of his work. Every time, until full moon, the first day, the new year, the great ceremony of the country when people come to visit, it will always take on the task of welcoming and giving information about this relic; At the same time, organize guest house accommodation if they have to stay overnight.

For Lieu, this job is joy, a living motivation for yourself. Many nights are difficult to sleep, and everybody goes to tombstones and trusts the martyrs as family members. There are days when he stayed awake all night to tell his comrades about the joys and sorrows of life.

"At first I was a soldier, and many of my comrades are resting here For me this is my home Whenever I have to go away My heart is not safe I always want to come back Come soon to the boys Tell them that there is always an old teammate, "Lieu said.

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Over the past 25 years, Mr. Lieu volunteered to cultivate a "dream" for his teammates.

3. Over 25 years of sleeping for martyrs, Mr Lieu does not remember how many times he has been crying when he witnessed wars between the veterans and the people under the grave, the unification of the body. multiplied by martyrs.

Open each "Golden Book" page that sadly showed us the full name and the work unit of those who visited here. And despite his advanced age, his legs were tired, his eyes faded, but Lieu was not thinking about rest, passing the care of the mass grave to others, claiming: this job has been more than 25 years old and more than any other, who understands every tombstone here.

As for Uncle Ba, his desire is now descended, many young generations of the nation must know the origin of the nation, respect those who have sacrificed their blood for national independence to have a warm life. No, calm like today.

"This curious cultural area is always open to all people from young and old men and women, from muddy peasants to officials from all over the world who will visit incense to respect those they have I can say that so far I have fulfilled my desire for life and now I have closed my eyes and it is relieved.

When we left, Mr. Ba and Mr. Lieu continued to embark on daily routine long-term work for those who have merit for the country, for comrades with joy and joy. Simple blessing. Their smiles made us unable to cope with emotions and pride, admiration.

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