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Enriching in rural areas is "as easy as eating candies" with these 8 professions!

Sunday, January 27, 2019 (GMT + 7)

Who said that only the city could become rich? With these 8 careers you can fully enrich yourself in the province.

1. The field of agricultural ecotourism

In order to build an eco-tourist farm, first we have to choose a good place, transport should be convenient, it is best to have a bus directly. The second focuses on the environment, preferably near mountains and rivers.

Activities should be organized. You can save five or six small plots of land, build a few simple greenhouses in greenhouses, half grow flowers, and the other half grow seasonal vegetables. Visitors can experience the cultivation process such as sowing, watering, soil treatment, weeding and harvesting. Use five or six other plots to dig ponds, fish, shrimps, mussels, crabs. and growing some fruit trees such as grapes, oranges, pears and other berries around the fish lakes, so tourists can fish, shrimp, prune and harvest fruit. In addition, you can grow a number of livestock and poultry, such as pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks and geese, and organize some typical farmer activities such as firewood, cooking, cooking, and more. increasing activities.

2. Selling products for the elderly

Sell ​​products such as medical products, healthcare equipment such as wheelchairs, blood pressure monitors, insomnia treatment devices … or functional foods that are good for the elderly.

3. Open the sewing and repair shop

Garments that are sewn and sold on the market are usually made in standard sizes, elderly people, overweight or skinny people may wear incompatible or small clothing defects such as broken zippers, broken trousers or unbuttoned trousers. Then they need you. So opening a sewing shop or repairing a business is not a bad idea.

Enriching in rural areas is as easy as eating candy. with 8 transactions! - 1

The area of ​​ecotourism in rural areas is a very popular tourist destination

4. Wedding Goods Store

Marriage is a great work, moreover, society is growing, whether urban or rural, people are increasingly paying for their children's weddings. You can open a store for renting wedding items such as wedding dresses, cameras, cameras, cars. If you open a provider of marriage services, some companies will thrive.

5. Open the "country restaurant"

From the highway, in rural and urban areas, opening an agricultural restaurant, selling rustic dishes or regional specialties can also help you make money. First of all, such restaurants will attract people from the city because many people in the city are full of food in the luxury restaurants, want to come and enjoy the rustic dishes. Secondly, such restaurants can also be an ideal destination for part of rural people, especially for the generation of young people when guests come to play. For important guests, they will often find a restaurant to treat delicious food. Attractive flavors, affordable prices and convenient transport are often selected destinations.

6. Leasing of agricultural machinery

For a household, investments in agricultural machines often cost a lot, but the times of use are short, so they are willing to invest in such machines. If you open a farm shop in the village, you can not only satisfy the needs of farmers but also help them reduce the investment costs. Some scenarios will be very positive.

Enriching in rural areas is as easy as eating candy. with 8 transactions! - 2

Opening a "rural restaurant" is not a bad form of business

7. Where to collect scrap

Farmers are willing to sell items they no longer use, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, scrap, paper boxes … so, open a scrap collection site, convenient for farmers where you sell waste, just you help increase your income.

8. Sale of snacks

You can open a porridge, soup, bakery, barbecue, snack shop, selling mostly in the morning or in the evening to prepare snacks. Focus on the uniqueness, taste and cost of food. The cost of such small stores is usually not big, but brings unexpected business results.

Worrying is not difficult: cities give birth to children and get money, the more they get rich, the better

The paradox is that the city is in a country with an extremely expensive standard of living.

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