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Exam Results 2018: No Prohibited Area at the End of Investigation!

Talk to PV AP, Mr. Phan Thanh Binh, Chairperson of the Committee on Culture, Education, Youth, Youth and Children of the National Assembly, said that during the meeting the commission wanted to hear representatives of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Public Security and the delegates. Participation in discussions and honestly highlighting the shortcomings and shortcomings that need to be addressed in the short run for the current national high school exam to ensure serious and fairness.

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The whole scene of the meeting

Sir, at this meeting, how two ministries reported information on how to deal with the fraud with test results?

At the meeting, the Ministry of Education and Training reported that the number of candidates, the number of tests, was discovered and improved in the provinces of Hoa Binh and Son La …

The Committee asked the investigative agency to urgently clarify and pay attention to the number of students who had been refurbished or upgraded, but the results of the evaluation are still successful and continue to study at universities.

As Minister Phung Xuan Nha replied, 12 contestants are currently on the list, but when the assessment is still sufficient, students will be admitted to the school. That is why in the near future they will still be able to study. After completion of the investigation, it is necessary to confirm where the violation is committed.

In my opinion, it may be possible to know if I can improve or improve my grades, so I may have to decide if I can stop the school immediately.

In 2018, the revision rules did not define the rules for correcting conduct and raising test scores for candidates. Consequently, the investigative body needs to have a conviction to sanction it.

At the meeting, many questions raised about addressing fraud points, but are currently being investigated, so we must adhere to the investigative agency's operating principle without disclosing any specific information.

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Phan Thanh Binh, Chair of the Committee on Culture, Education, Youth, Youth and Children

The incident happened for 9 months, did the Ministry of Public Security report any difficulties, sir?

The journey to find the original exam site is very difficult and complicated. The investigative agency is not over yet, it can restore its points due to the multiple choice test, so I do not know which circle the student is, what the correction is.

Finding the true point, finding the outcome of the test is an important basis for further investigating the related offenses.

The Committee urges an early investigation within one year of the entry of the investigative agency. Therefore, there are 3 months to announce the results.

The Commission is of the opinion that it should be done correctly, how wrong it is to deal with it, there is no forbidden area. The views of the assembly are the same.

Ha Jiang is the first place to find a scam, investigating it early, but there has not been a full disclosure so far, publicity is pushing public opinion, the meeting has led to that question, sir?

The problem with Ha Jiang violations has already been dealt with. However, the Committee also asked for a review of Ha Giang data.

If the candidate has enough points or insufficient points, if the candidate knows he is right or does not know that he corrects the score, he / she must complete the investigation. This problem must be confirmed by the applicant. To be convicted, there must be evidence. In my opinion, this is an extremely difficult question of confirmation.

Here it is necessary to clarify that in the last year revision regulations are not pledged to deal with fraudulent frauds. Now you have to confirm whether the contestants are right or not, are they wrong? Less or more wrong? Does the candidate know he has earned points? … still have to wait for the investigating agency to investigate within one year.

Many opinions say that a competitor who cheats only one subject must cancel the exam for a national high school, how is his opinion?

This issue should follow the requirements of the 2018 exam. If it is confirmed that the fraud test has been canceled, what will happen if the fraud is not confirmed?

As I said above, the 2018 exam regulations do not pose a problem with the test test fraud, but only the behavior being dealt with must be followed by behavior and evidence.

During the meeting, Ministers asked for clarification of this issue. The Commission considers that violations must be strictly handled.

The Committee also asked the Ministry of Education and Training to study and amend the National High School Examination Regulations for 2019 to resolve barriers and shortcomings as recently.

Thank you very much!

At this meeting, members of the Committee on Culture, Education, Youth and Children of the National Assembly have asked the Ministry of Education and Training to consider their responsibility for industry units, how to deal with relevant industry employees.

The Committee also asked the Ministry of Public Security to investigate the actions and consequences of the violations in the course of the investigation and to clearly identify the relevant sites. Especially for parents with positions and children in the list of test results. At the same time, to clarify whether to take – to take bribes.

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