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Fall with Winner's latest album so far!

WINNER officially returned with the second mini album titled WE on May 15th. Although many fans are not happy because this is not a full album, as YG Entertainment has promised, they still want to support the imagination of 4 talented boys. But once again, the company shocked the fans, even crazy about the stupid mistake in the new WINNER album design.

In particular, many photos of winning members of the album "WE" were printed casually, cut into two pages, with 4 boys cut in half. As a result, WINNER's body was distorted, the timely 8-meter man looked like a dwarf.

The casual design of the YG design team made the image of the WINNER photobook extremely fun

Watching these pictures, fans did not really know whether to cry or laugh because the album's value was not cheap, and they had to wait a long time to get idolized products. That's why fans have great expectations for perfecting the image. But the confusion of YG's design team made WINNER's album incomplete, as expected. It is known that this album "WE" has been released under 4 different versions, so fans can only pray that in other versions, the WINNER image will not make this unnecessary mistake.

This is not the first time that YG Entertainment has been "kicked out" in the WINNER album design in particular and other artists in general. The "The Boys of the 4 Boys" album is also distorted by the aesthetically pleasing faces and the body of the members. And the album "Kwon Ji Yong" The USB version of G-Dragon has red ink on the USB casing adhering to the user's hands, and although the company has explained that this is an artistic idea, many fans are still bored. defects.

WINNER Deformed in Paper "Fate Number For" album

YG made six blood admirers six times: Fall with Winner's last album to the end! - picture 3.

The red USB ink on the album "Kwon Ji Yong" is dirty for the user

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