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FIFA BXH ranked number, Thailand, how far is 24-hour football

Saturday, January 26, 2019 16:05 (GMT + 7)

The Vietnam Wire was on the Asian Cup 2019 and made a bold brand on the mainland. After the Golden Stars tournament of coach Park Han Seo is still number one in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam Tel video lost regret in Japan

Before the match against Japan in the Asian Cup 2019 quarter finals, Vietnam ranked 99th in the world – based on the Footy Rankings table. This spreadsheet uses the operations that the World Football Federation (FIFA) applies to the current ranking. The only difference is that FIFA is changing the monthly rankings, while the ranking of Footy varies according to the game day by day.

Vietnam's top-8 strongest Asian Cup: FIFA BXH number one, Thailand is so poor - 1

Vietnam Tel is registered in the Asian Cup 2019

After enrolling in the Asian Cup 2019 quarterfinals, Vietnam Tel will jump on a single level, from 100 to 99 worlds. "Golden Stars" have 1229 points and the Palestinian team with 100th place has 1226 points. Before that, when he finished the Asian Cup, the red coat of the Park Hang Seo coach with a loss of 2 wins 1 took off from the top 100 ranked 102nd.

After losing to Japan in the quarterfinals, the result of Vietnam Tel will fluctuate slightly. "Golden Stars" will definitely be punished but promise not much and continue to contribute to the top 100 in the world after the end of January 2019. As the teams reached the semi-finals of the Asian Cup, everyone was ranked in Vietnam so Park Teo trainers and coaches stopped in the quarterfinals, not much of a ranking.

Meanwhile, Thailand, thanks to its achievements in the 1/8 Asian Cup, will rise to second place in Southeast Asia. Prior to the tournament, the Military Elephants ranked 118th in the world after the tournament climbed to 115th, surpassing Philippines itself – the team also played in the Asian Cup but was eliminated from the group stage. Currently, Myanmar is a Southeast Asia team that is not in the best position in the Asian Cup but is 139th in the world.

So Vietnam Tel thanks to the victory of the AFF Cup 2018 is still the real king of Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, the Thais, though striving to go far in the mainland, can not really coincide with the performance of "Golden Stars."

Vietnam's top 8 strongest Asian Cup: ranked first FIFA BXH, Thailand how far - 2

Vietnam Tel vows to finish in January 2019 in the top 100 in the world. Ranking of the Footy rating is updated by January 23

And perhaps in 2019, the most specific goal for Thai football is how to overcome Vietnam, claiming the unique position of Southeast Asia. But this task is certainly not easy if you look at the way Park Hang Seo teachers and players play with continental giants such as Japan, Iraq or Iran.

Winning Vietnam, the Japanese coach recognizes the unexpected truth

Vietnam and Japan Tel are undergoing a dramatic dramatic match from the Asian Cup.

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