Sunday , November 29 2020

Fire near the car repair shop near Nam Tune John Hanoi

On November 26, in the car repair shop, storage areas for sofas in the southern city of Tung Jung (200 meters from the Kangnam building), there are very large explosions, Living the whole building.

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The scene of the incident.

According to the witness, I suddenly heard a lot of explosions, then people in the seminar of exhaustion.

Immediately after the depletion of the building, workers and people returned to push five cars. These cars are made mostly of fire, causing partial deformation.

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Many other workshops are also in service.

The workshop was burned with an area of ​​thousands of square meters corrugated and covered with iron, the front of the workshop was about 30 meters long. The fire produced the entire frame as well as the roof of the house.

Inside many cars were not evacuated and burned. The entire couch interior was also burned.


Fire Department No. 3 ordered 4 fire engines and dozens of soldiers on the fire scene. At 23 o'clock the fire was largely controlled, the authorities still mobilizing more fire engines to cool down and stop the fire again.

Our fire report up to 23 hours is basically controlled, the damage can not be statistically.

A fireplace gift, leading the coordination of the fires, defending the scene, Lai Mạnh Tiến, chairman of the Trung Hoa National Committee, Cau Giay, told reporters, Me Garage in Me Tri Ward (Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi).

"After receiving news of the fire, the officers of the Truong People's Committee, Hoa Ward, were quickly represented and co-ordinated with the functional forces to quickly control the fires and divide the fire traffic, protecting the scene, with almost 23 hours the fire was essentially According to the original record, the fire has not caused human sacrifices, "Tien said.

The case that is being investigated clearly.

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