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Gareth Southgate talked about England and plans

Gareth Southgate talks about England. The 48-year-old man promised to continue the three-year revival despite positive results.

England has several changes

England have experienced 2018 which reached the 2018 World Cup semifinals and won the UEFA Cup semifinals despite falling to a group with Croatia and Spain. But between the two tournaments, coach Gareth Southgate has made many personnel changes.

Joe Gomez, Ben Chilwell and Ross Barkley are the main players in the England squad despite not taking part in the World Cup in Russia. The first two names were involved in both goals in the Croatia 2-1 uprising.

Gareth Southgate talked about England and their plans for the match
England has success

Southgate continues to reform

Gareth Southgate talks about England. The 48-year-old believes that the squad is always the key to success and does not guarantee the other team. "Whatever team wins the title, the only way they are truly ready for a new challenge is to add a few new players."Southgate said.

"One of the most important things we can do is open opportunities for each player, to see the progress of each and every one of us. We always watch. Every time we add new players, players are excited and others want to prove themselves."

Southgate promised to continue to improve the UK Image 2
Southgate said it would continue to improve Tiga

"All know there is competition in the squad and play well. Need to give praise to team members when they do the task very well."

Southgate added:If you talk to Callum Wilson or Jadon Sancho, or other newcomers, I'm sure they feel comfortable. The challenge will help players become strong during the match. A pleasant atmosphere is very important for what we do."

Watch a video of England's 2-1 win over Croatia:

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